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When it comes to investing in gold, whether you are a novice, an expert, or a small investor, investing in gold is a safe and secure way of preserving your assets while hopefully making a profit. Gold prices have more than quadrupled in price in the last decade and continue to rise each year. You can find a lot of information on this website that will help guide you in how to invest in gold.

One of the things you want to think about is what percentage of your assets you want to allocate to gold within your portfolio. This is something that you will need to decide for yourself because everybody has their own personal preference as well as their own allocation of assets they have available to put towards gold. Be sure and think about the different scenarios that could come up when you might possibly need to use some of your savings. Invest a portion of your assets into gold that you can leave untouched in the future. After you determine what percentage of your assets you want to be in gold you can start investing.

One way you can invest in gold is by purchasing shares of an ETF.  In order to do this you would need to set up a brokerage account. ETF’s are the easiest and quickest way to go about buying and selling gold. ETF’s are like owning stocks in that they are managed the same way. Before choosing to invest in ETF shares make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages that come with this kind of an investment.

Another way you can invest in gold is by purchasing real physical gold. Many investors prefer this option because you have more control over what you do with it, you can physically hold it, and you don’t have to worry if there was a banking failure. By investing in real gold you can choose either gold bullion coins or bars. You have the option of storing your gold in a bank safe deposit box, bank vault, or in your own home. Many people like to store their gold in their home in a hidden safe place because you can have access to it at any time, there is no storage fee, and it is not subject to confiscation. However, there are risks of theft by keeping it in your home but you also have immediate access to real money in case a crisis were to come into play and you needed money to purchase goods and services.

After deciding what percentage of money you want to put into gold as well as if you want to purchase ETF shares or real physical gold you will want to find a reputable dealer to work with. 

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