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By making a purchase from ITM Trading, Inc. (, you agree that your purchase will be subject to the following purchase policies and procedures, which are subject to change from time to time at our sole discretion without notice



If you desire, before you purchase coins, one of our representatives will discuss with you your long-term investment objectives and provide you with ITM’s best recommendations based upon the information you provide about your individual situation and objectives. Your representative will strive to answer all of your questions and to ensure that you fully understand the potential gains and risks associated with owning coins, as well as ITM’s purchase policies and procedures. Your representative will also discuss the selection of each product with you. When you decide which product(s) you are going to purchase, your representative will set up a teleconference call with our trading room to reserve your gold and/or silver. Telephone calls may be monitored and/or recorded in order to assure quality control and compliance with our policies. ITM will give you a confirmation number for each transaction to ensure the price and availability of your coins.


ITM Trading is not responsible or liable for any orders placed in our online order system, or any losses direct or indirect, or incidental damages you may incur as a result of the use of the ITM Trading’s, online order system.  ITM Trading also disclaims liability for interruption or termination of the online ordering system.  All orders placed through our online system are done so on a best effort basis, as a result ITM Trading will not be responsible for errors by the electronic system.  ITM Trading will not be responsible for an order due to a delay in the transmission of that order or failure of the system or any other circumstances outside of its control.

ITM’s order entry system has been constructed to be efficient and reliable however, the internet is not 100% reliable.  Therefore any order can also be affected by an internet provider’s failure.  The customer therefore acknowledges that the internet can fail and cannot be controlled by ITM Trading and therefore will not hold ITM Trading liable for any system failure.


Sometimes pricing errors or typographical errors can occur.  If for some reason this occurs during your order ITM reserves the right to cancel or refuse any item that incurs an error.  We will contact you if an error is discovered with instructions on how to make it right or to cancel your order.

We have the right to cancel any purchase for any reason.


A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is used for an origin website to send information to a user's browser and for the browser to return the information to the origin site.  The information can be used for authentication, identification of a user session, user's preferences, shopping cart contents, or anything else that can be accomplished through storing text data on the user's computer (from Wikipedia).

ITM Trading uses cookies to better your online experience.  Our cookies enable you to receive updated price quotes and place orders without re-entry of information.

If you are experiencing issues logging into our ordering system please check your browser settings for any cookie blocking system you may have in place.  If the issue persists please contact us toll free and we will help you login and place your order.


ITM Trading takes security very seriously and we have measures in place to mitigate misuse of any information under its control.  Transactions are fully encrypted and protected; therefore you will be able to use our order system with confidence.  All of your personal information, including credit cards will not be able to be read as it is transmitted to our site.  All of your personal information is protected against unauthorized use or access. However, ITM will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions when purchasing with a credit card through the online system.


Payments made on all orders to ITM Trading can be made via credit card, personal check, cashiers check, ACH or bank wire.  When making any purchase, credit card information must be provided in order to lock in a price.

A $35.00 authorization and hold will be placed on your credit card pending receipt of your payment. For orders over $20,000 a non-refundable deposit of 5% (of the total order amount) may be placed on your credit card.

Due to risks posed to ITM Trading on credit card and ACH orders, these orders are manually reviewed, are capped at $5,000 and can only be shipped to the billing address associated with the credit card.  ITM Trading must speak with you via telephone to verify your first time Credit Card or ACH order, and may require additional documentation. If we do not hear from you within 3 business days we may cancel the order according to our market loss policies and charge you a $35 cancellation fee plus marker loss. Therefore we recommend using one of the other methods of payment, especially on orders that exceed $2,000.  On all first time credit card orders you must call our offices during regular business hours, M-F 8am-5pm Arizona time to verify the order.

Should you choose to use a credit card for full or partial payment of the order you will be charged an additional 3% convenience fee on the portion paid for with a credit card, plus $4.95 for restricted delivery.

All payments must be postmarked within 48 hours, and must be received within 3 business days unless prior approval is given via customer phone call.

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After the attacks of 9/11 and the passing of the Patriot Act (For legal reasons) banks cannot verify funds, therefore cashier’s checks and personal checks can take up to 10 banking days to clear, thus we will hold them for the full 10 banking days before shipping product to you.  Bank wires are always recommended.

Payment instructions will be given to you at the end of your online transaction and via confirmation email.  ITM reserves the right to cancel any transaction that does not meet our guidelines.  ITM does not receive COD orders and we reserve the right to refuse any payment that does not meet the above options.


All ITM Trading orders are shipped via USPS (UPS or FedEx at customers expense) are insured and require a signature upon delivery.  Due to the nature of the products being shipped, packages can take anywhere from 3-10 postal days to be delivered.  Once an item is shipped a confirmation number will be emailed to you for your convenience.

All of our packages are fully insured and therefore are covered in the event of loss during transport.  However if you leave instructions for a carrier to leave the package somewhere unattended, or to leave it with anyone other than you, or without signature you do so at your own risk, ITM Trading will not be held responsible for any loss due to non-delivery of your items.

If the items are damaged during transit, or we determine a package is lost, it is our responsibility to file a claim.  Once a claim is filed, investigated and resolved we reserve the right to re-ship the items or issue a refund. Any discrepancies need to be reported to ITM Trading within 5 business days of receiving the package.  Any delay will mitigate your potential claim.

We do not ship to re-ship facilites or UPS stores.


If a product is on backorder it will be listed as either out of stock or the expected date of when it will ship. To lock in the price of any product, including backordered items, funds will be captured at the time of purchase. For credit card orders your credit card will be charged, and all other payment methods must be initiated by the customer based on the terms above. If you do not wish to have funds captured before the item is shipped, please only purchase items that do not have a backorder date associated to them.

Orders that have one or more backordered items will not be shipped until the last backordered item is available to ship, even if the order contains products that are in stock.

Back order dates are not guaranteed, but a strong indication of when the product will ship. There are rare cases when the mints (US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, etc.) have delays that are longer than represented, in those rare cases we unfortunately do not have any control over additional delays, and we will contact you to notify you of any such delays.



After you have secured your purchase with ITM Trading and the price of your transaction is locked in it may not be cancelled. Instead ITM will purchase the metal back from you at our current bid price which may be less than what you purchased the product for.  Any deficit between the price at which we sold to you and the amount we purchased them back for is your responsibility.  The amount of the deficit will be charged to you in addition to a $35 cancellation fee.  Any gains will become the property of ITM.

For example if you purchase a bullion coin/bar etc. for $1,000 (ask price) and you choose to cancel your order two days later and our bid price is $950, you will be responsible for the $50 deficiency on each coin/bar etc. plus the $35 cancellation fee.  ITM is not in the business of taking market risk on our customers’ behalf.  Be absolutely sure that you want to order before you do so.


After you have secured your purchase with ITM Trading and the price of your transaction is locked in, it may not be cancelled. If ITM does not receive your funds within our payment terms as outlined in these policies, ITM may cancel your order and charge you a 10% restocking fee in addition to the $35 cancellation fee (restocking fee not to be confused with the bid/ask buyback spread. For more info on spread(s) see ITM's attached Risk Information Document under section, YOU SHOULD CONSIDER COINS TO BE A LONG-TERM OPPORTUNITY).

For example if your order is for $5,000 and we do not receive payment, you will be responsible for the 10% restocking fee on the entire ($5,000) order plus the $35 cancellation fee, which would be equal to $535.  Again, ITM is not in the business of taking market risk on our customers’ behalf.  Be absolutely sure that you want to order before you do so.


However, ITM offers the following customer satisfaction policy on numismatic coins:
•   Upon receipt of numismatic coins, we recommend that you carefully inspect and evaluate your coins immediately to confirm that (a) they are what you ordered and
(b) there are no irregularities in quality, quantity, and/or appearance.
•   You may reject an order only for non-conformity as to quality, quantity, and/or appearance.  If the coins do not meet the quality, quantity, or description of your order, you must notify ITM by certified mail within 5 business days after you receive the merchandise.
•   If ITM does not hear from you within 5 business days after delivery, we shall conclude that we have satisfactorily filled the order. If you do notify ITM of a possible non-conformity in your order within 5 business days after delivery, ITM may instruct you to return the coins, in which case you must ship them to ITM via the U.S. Postal Service, registered and insured.
•   Upon receipt, ITM will inspect the merchandise to determine whether it conforms with respect to quality, quantity, or description. ITM, at its sole option, can either (a) replace those goods with goods of the same nature and grade as the original order at no additional charge to the buyer, or (b) return the original goods to the buyer. ITM will not exchange merchandise that has been tampered with in any manner after purchase.


There is a price differential, or “spread,” between the price at which we sell a particular coin (ITM’s “ask” price) and the price at which we will offer to repurchase the same coin (ITM’s “bid” price). In order to realize a profit on the sale of your coins to ITM or any other person, the value of your coins must have appreciated sufficiently to overcome the difference between the price you paid for your coins and the bid price at which you can sell your coins. However, ITM does not guarantee that you will make a profit on any coin that you purchase.

ITM’s spread for numismatic coins generally will be higher than our spread on semi-numismatic coins and foreign gold (Swiss Francs, British Sovereigns, French Roosters, etc.), and our spreads on numismatic or semi-numismatic coins generally will be higher than our spreads on recently minted proof gold and silver coins. All of these spreads generally will be higher than our spreads on bullion coins and bars.

However, there may be circumstances or markets in which price differentials are greater than usual. If you sell your coins privately or through one of the many other rare coin auctions or dealers throughout the United States, the price that private buyers or other dealers offer for your coins may be lower than our bid price.  In some cases, other dealers may offer to buy your coins at a price that is substantially lower than the coins are worth, so that the dealer can maximize their profit when they resell the coins to another dealer or to another retail purchaser.

ITM’s spreads depend upon the type, rarity, and quality of the coin you wish to sell, as well as market cycles and supply and demand for coins and bullion. As a result, our bid and ask prices for a particular coin or bullion will vary from time to time and may be higher or lower than those of other coin dealers for the same coin or bullion on a given date.

If you decide to sell any of your coins in the future, ITM welcomes the opportunity to make a bid on those coins. Be sure to ask ITM for a quote on our current bid price for any coins or bullion that you wish to sell before sending them to us for repurchase.


ITM currently has a policy that we will repurchase coins from customers who bought their coins from us. We plan to maintain that policy in the future, but we are not obligated to do so and we may modify, suspend or terminate our repurchase policy at any time, in our sole discretion and without notice to you. In addition, ITM is prohibited by law from guaranteeing that we will repurchase any of the precious coins or metals that we sell, and we do not guarantee that we will make a bid on every coin that you may wish to sell. Factors may include the market for the coin and whether we need the coin for our inventory. If you wish to sell your coins to ITM, we will quote you the current bid price for those coins.  If you decide to sell your coins to ITM, we generally will purchase your coins at our current bid price on the day in which we receive your coins at our corporate office. Because coin prices are a reflection of supply and demand, much like stocks and bonds, bid prices can change every day or in some instances from minute to minute.  As a result, the actual price at which we purchase your coins may be higher or lower than the bid price that we quoted before you shipped your coins to us.


ITM may refer customers who wish to hold precious metals (gold, silver or platinum) in an Individual Retirement Account (“IRA”) to companies that provide trustee and custodian services for IRAs.  ITM is independent from and not affiliated with any of the companies that may provide those services.  It will be your responsibility to select an IRA service company that will be suitable for your needs.

By purchasing precious metals from ITM for your IRA, you acknowledge and agree that ITM shall have no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage that you may incur as a result of your dealings with your IRA service company.


These Purchase Policies and Procedures, along with any invoice or confirmation regarding your order, constitute the only and entire agreement between you and ITM.  These Purchase Policies and Procedures supersede all prior representations and/or agreements regarding your purchase of coins from ITM.   These Purchase Policies and Procedures, along with any invoice or confirmation regarding your order, may not be modified or terminated without a statement signed by a duly authorized officer of ITM. No ITM representative is authorized to vary the terms of the Purchase Policies and Procedures and Risk Information documents, whether by phone, email or any other communication. You and ITM acknowledge and agree that these Purchase Policies and Procedures, along with any invoice or confirmation regarding your order, shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws for the State of Arizona. You and ITM further acknowledge and agree that in the event litigation is instituted hereunder, the federal or state courts located in Maricopa County, Arizona, shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction with respect to said litigation.


Please carefully review the Risk Information included with these Purchase Policies and Procedures. Remember — the ultimate decision as to whether or not to purchase coins and, if so, which coins to purchase will be yours, either alone or with your investment advisor.


All investments involve risks, and purchasing rare coins is no exception.  The value of a bullion coin (e.g., American Eagle or Maple Leaf) is determined by the current spot or market price of bullion coins.  This price fluctuates daily.  The value of numismatic coins is determined by a multitude of factors, which can and do fluctuate independently from bullion prices.  These factors include the perceived scarcity of the coin, its quality, current demand, market sentiment, and general economic factors such as actual or perceived rates of inflation, political uncertainties, and market conditions affecting stocks, bonds, real estate, or other investment opportunities. As a result, the value of bullion and rare coins will fluctuate in value.  Although rare coins historically have produced excellent long-term results during up cycles, they may not be a suitable investment for everyone.  You or your investment advisor should acquire a thorough understanding of the rare coin and bullion market and products before you purchase coins.  Since all investments, including rare coins and bullion, can decline in value from time to time, you should have adequate cash reserves and disposable income before considering an investment in coins or precious metals.  


To minimize the risks of forgery and counterfeiting, ITM recommends that investors restrict their rare coin purchases to coins certified by Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC) and Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).  Although new grading services have entered the coin industry, NGC and PCGS are the two leading independent coin grading services and have set the standards for grading coins since the mid-1980s.  NGC and PCGS not only guarantee the grade of the coin but they certify the coin’s authenticity as well.  With the exception of certain bullion and uncertified circulated coins, each numismatic coin offered by ITM has been graded by one of these two services. Grading is a subjective art, and the value of a coin is highly dependent upon the condition or grade of that coin. The coin owner should never tamper with the coin holders nor remove coins from their holders. Should a coin owner choose to submit a coin for re-grading, ITM will not be responsible for any change in the grade of that coin by one of the grading services.  ITM expressly disclaims any expressed or implied warranties otherwise attaching to the coins, including that the coins are merchantable.


We recommend that rare coins and bullion be part of a diversified investment portfolio that may include equities, fixed income, and other investment assets.  We also believe it is prudent to protect your family and your estate with adequate life, health, and liability insurance. We generally believe that rare coins and bullion are appropriate for 5% to 20% of an individual’s investment portfolio, although certain advisors or organizations might recommend a different percentage. You should consult with your investment advisor to determine whether rare coins are an appropriate part of your investment portfolio and, if so, the appropriate percentage for your personal situation.


Before you can sell your NUMISMATIC/RARE coins at a profit, their value must appreciate enough to offset the costs associated with acquiring them. For example, at this time, our spread between sale and buyback prices is about 28% on better dated issues and/or higher quality numismatic coins (other buyers may offer less than ITM). You therefore should consider your coins to be a long-term hold. Subject to market conditions, ITM recommends that coins be held for a minimum of three to five years and preferably five to ten years to maximize your potential gains. ITM in no way guarantees a profit on any coins that you may purchase. The rare coin market is volatile and thinly capitalized. Significant price swings, higher and lower, are possible in a short period of time. Certification by NGC or PCGS does not guarantee protection against normal risks associated with potentially volatile and thinly capitalized markets. The degree of liquidity for certified coins will vary according to general market conditions and the particular coin involved. From time to time there may be no active market at all for certain coins. The value of rare coins will fluctuate from time to time due to a variety of factors, including supply and demand, actual or anticipated rates of inflation, and international monetary conditions. ITM cannot predict the impact of these forces on the value of coins at any given time and ITM cannot provide you with any assurance that you will be able to sell your coins at a price that is equal to or greater than your purchase price. The returns that purchasers of rare coins may have realized in the past are no prediction of the returns, if any, that you may realize from the coins you purchase from ITM. You must be able to assume the risk of such price volatility or lack of a liquid market for your coins.


The rare coin market currently is not subject to certain government regulations that apply to other forms of investments, such as stocks and bonds.  There currently are no restrictions on the ownership of rare coins and rare coin ownership may offer certain advantages with respect to privacy. ITM cannot provide assurance, however, that these advantages will continue indefinitely or that future laws or government regulations will not adversely regulate the rare coin market or restrict or eliminate the current benefits of coin ownership.


Our representatives generally are commissioned salespersons. The commissions they receive may vary depending upon the type, rarity, and quality of the coins you purchase. Their work experience, knowledge of the rare coin industry, and training are not regulated and may vary widely.  They and/or ITM from time to time may receive undisclosed compensation for recommending specific products including, but not limited to, contests, cooperative advertising, and trading profits on coins that they may own and/or sell.  ITM representatives from time to time may discuss with you the general direction of various financial markets and, at times, may even name specific stocks or bonds.  ITM’s representatives, however, are not licensed as brokers, dealers, or investment advisors and are not authorized to make specific recommendations regarding stocks, bonds, or any other form of investment. You should consult with your personal investment advisor or a licensed professional who has expertise in a particular market before you make a decision to buy or sell any investment asset.


ITM or ITM’s representatives may provide forecasts or projections made by members of our staff regarding the rare coin market generally or the potential future values of coins sold by ITM.  ITM’s staff members generally will consider the following factors, among others, in making those forecasts or projections:
•    Past performance: ITM frequently makes assumptions that if the value of rare coins or bullion increased under certain economic conditions in the past, those coins or bullion have the potential to appreciate when similar conditions exist in the future. While past performance maybe a useful guide, it is not a guarantee of future results.
•    Economic forecasts: ITM applies research, common sense, and logic in an effort to forecast future trends.  We believe these trends are a useful guide in evaluating the future potential for rare coins and bullion.  Of course, it is impossible to predict future price trends or economic conditions with accuracy and you should not rely on those forecasts in making a decision to purchase rare coins and bullion.
•    Supply and demand:  We take into consideration changing supply and demand factors and our expectation of future trends regarding supply and demand in making our forecasts and projections.
ITM cannot provide assurance that our forecasts or projections regarding appreciation in the value of rare coins or bullion or the markets for rare coins or bullion will be achieved.  Although we strive to provide analysis that we believe is well thought out and sincerely reflects our opinion, we cannot and do not guarantee our forecasts or projections and you and your financial advisor should conduct your own analysis of the rare coin market before purchasing coins.



The Strategy is a proprietary plan created by ITM Trading in conjunction with our Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading, and is intended to provide a means by which individuals can survive and prosper financially during and after a hyperinflationary or “reset” financial event in the United States. While ITM Trading believes that a hyperinflation or “reset” financial event will most likely occur at some time, ITM Trading cannot guarantee that such an event will occur, nor can ITM Trading predict the timing of such an event.

If you choose to follow the Strategy, and you decide to invest more than 20% of your individual portfolio in Precious Metals, then the ultimate decision as to how much of your individual portfolio to acquire in the form of Precious Metals and the holding period for such Precious Metals is and at all times will be completely up to you and/or your financial or investment advisor.

ITM Trading and its representatives cannot and do not make any guarantees that you will not lose money or that you will make money before, during, and after a hyperinflationary or “reset” financial event if you invest in Precious Metals and/or follow the Strategy.