Parents and investors are turning to investing in silver as a means to set up children or future generations with financial security, and/or help fund a college education.

Many parents have often used Section 529 College Savings Plans as a means to save for a college education as their children grow up. However, some parents have reported issues with the plans, claiming that the accounts are not living up to expectations, or in some cases, are crashing.

As an alternative, parents should consider investing in silver as a long term investment vehicle to fund their children’s education and future. Investing in silver helps take the daily stress out of long term investments (watching the market every day can cause anxiety) and the temptation to try to take advantage of short term or day trading risks.

Also, considering the cost of college, it does not take a lot of money to fund a college education through a silver investment. Investing $30,000 today in silver can yield enough money in 15 years to cover the cost of a reasonable college education, or at least cover a significant percentage. $30,000 is a lot of money to most people, but compared to the cost of a college education, it’s an incredible bargain. Factor in the consumer price inflation index and ballooning tuition rates, and you are saving yourself a lot of money.

Another advantage is that if your child is able to get a scholarship, or chooses not to go to college, you can use your silver investment to give him or her a considerable nest egg, down payment on a home, or capital to start a business.

Making smart financial investments now, like investing in silver (or gold, for that matter), can not only help give your children a solid college education, but also, help them enter young adulthood without a significant amount of student loan debt. The default rate for student loan accounts today is 17% and growing. Recent graduates are having a hard time paying their student loan payments, and are starting their independent financial life underwater, sometimes in excess of a six figure debt. That type of responsibility and the resulting stress is not sustainable at entry level salaries for most careers.

Consider giving your child the gift that keeps on giving – financial security and a funded college education – by investing in silver (or gold) now, while prices are low. Then, enjoy the satisfaction of wise investments, and smile as your child receives his or her diploma in 15 years.