Silver’s performance in 2013 has been similar to gold’s, experiencing significant price drops and disappointing results for several months. Throughout that time, silver has seen some hints of rebounding, but nothing has panned out just yet.

However, these past two weeks have given new life to the precious metal. The price of silver has seen an increase for seven straight trading days through August 15, 2013. The primary reason for this recent trend is due to a growing sentiment that the Fed will not start reducing its $85 billion per month investment in asset purchases. As a result, silver’s price is as high as it’s been all summer.

Despite the recent growth, silver is still down about 27% year to date. However, this shift in thinking could be just what investors have been waiting for. If the Fed does in fact change its mind about the $85 billion per month in asset purchases, which was expected to begin in September, then the growth we’ve seen recently for silver will likely continue.

What this means to you as a potential investor is twofold. First, it is great news to see some consistent growth in the precious metals segment. This growth reflects the overall economy and sentiment among market investors. Of course, this does not mean the rebound is underway, but it is a good sign. Second, if this growth continues, silver will get more expensive. This is also great news for people who already own silver, but for people who are considering investing in silver, or buying more than they already own, this could make that investment more expensive down the road. Therefore, you should consider investing in silver now, while prices are still relatively low (but significantly higher than they were last month).

Demand for physical silver has increased tremendously, despite the poor performing price. If sentiment about the economycontinues to decline, and silver prices continue to grow, demand will grow along with it. An increase in both demand and price is not a good formula for investing, but it is a great formula for those who’ve already made the investment. Regardless of whether you want the Fed to taper its $85 billion monthly contribution or not, investing in silver can work in your favor.

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