For centuries, silver has played an important role in culture, and its value has gone well beyond strictly finances and investments. It is a precious metal, and an investment, but it has also served many other purposes, specifically throughout history as an element that fosters change and advancement.

Silver was first removed from the earth in ancient Turkey about 5,000 years ago. It was used in the Greek and Roman empires to halt or thwart infection, and helped people in the Middle Ages keep stored food and water disinfected and clean.

Silver is a very useful metal, providing unparalleled quality and strength. It is able to endure extreme temperatures, reflect light, and conduct heat and electricity. It helps those in the medical field fight germs, disease, and infection by killing microorganisms without harming human or animal hosts. Silver is used in making bandages, medical tools, furniture, water purifiers, and many other items found in homes, hospitals, and medical offices. In short, it promotes healing and helps stop infection.

Silver is also used in modern technology. Just about every single mobile device, phone, tablet, computer, vehicle, and appliance has silver in it. It helps us “go green;”silver eases our dependence on fossil fuels, is a key ingredient in solar cells that power electric and hybrid cars, and has the ability to significantly decrease the amount of energy needed to heat and cool homes and buildings.

Aside from all of these functions, silver can also be a profitable investment, and a valuable asset to any investment portfolio. The metal has seen significant gains historically as well as recently within the past twelve years. It is both versatile and beneficial, carries a long and storied history, and in simple terms, is gorgeous to look at. It has changed global history and played a vital role in the advancement of human beings for centuries, and is here to stay. Consider adding silver to your portfolio. You are not just investing in a precious and valuable metal; you are investing in an element that has shaped our world into what it is today, and what it will be in the future.