100 Gram Valcambi Silver CombiBar (100x1g w/ Assay)

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About This Product

- 3.215 oz.
- 100 grams
- .9999 fine
- 1 gram breakable sections
- 74.00 x 105 x 1.4 mm
- In Assay
- Stock Photo

Valcambi 100 x 1 Gram Silver CombiBar



The Valcambi 100 x 1 gram silver bar, called the CombiBar, is a product specifically designed by the Valcambi Mint of Switzerland with the investor in mind. This bar is breakable into 100 individual 1 gram pieces, segmented along pre-scored lines, making it easy to remove individual tiny bars without losing any silver content. As an alternative, you can keep the sheet intact, giving you a 100 gram silver bar.  This design gives a tremendous amount of versatility to the investor, allowing you to sell, trade, and keep all or part of your sheet.


Valcambi History

Valcambi is a leading precious metals refining company, which operates out of one of the largest facilities in the world, located in Balerna, Switzerland. The company was founded over 50 years ago in 1961 by several experts in the precious metals and private investment industries, and has been successful for over half a century in precious metals refining through client-first business practices. Its reputation is very strong throughout the global precious metals industry. The company prides itself on top notch customer service, as well as using the best technology available in its manufacturing processes.


Services provided by Valcambi are multiple. They include first class high security transportation, government controlled and certified assaying, precious metals refining, production and manufacturing, creating competitive financing solutions, and high security and bank independent storage. This variety of services helps the company understand the precious metals industry from the entire cycle of producing, selling, delivering, and maintaining precious metals products. Combined with its customer service focus, these aspects have propelled Valcambi to the forefront of the global precious metals industry.


In addition to the CombiBar, Valcambi also produces a number of distinctive and stylish precious metals products, including bars, rounds, grains, coins, medals, and cast products. All of its products are produced to meet all applicable standards for purity, and are highly sought out for their unique and sleek designs.


Size and Design

The Valcambi 100 x 1 gram silver CombiBar contains 100 grams of pure silver, which equates to 3.215 ounces of silver. The product is 74 mm wide, 105 mm high, and 1.4 mm thick. This equates to roughly 4 inches tall by 3 inches wide. It is divided in to 10 rows of 1 gram pieces, with each row containing 10 pieces. The bar itself is easy to store given its small size.  


The design is modern and unique, and is appealing as a hole, as well as in each 1 gram piece. When viewing the sheet as a whole, it is clear that it is comprised of many smaller pieces of silver, though still looks cohesive together. Each 1 gram piece is stamped with its silver content, purity, and weight: “1 g,” “fine silver,” and “999,0” (the comma being the European punctuation). The front also features the Valcambi company name at the top (“valcambi suisse”), along with the Valcambi hallmark. Each piece is shiny and metallic with a modern and clean look, and the unique design of the sheet as a whole again sets it apart from similar silver products, such as small bars and coins.


Each sheet arrives in brand new condition, protected by a plastic covering from Valcambi, along with a numbered assay card.



100 x 1 gram Valcambi CombiBars have a silver fineness of .999. This measurement confirms that each sheet (and thus, each 1 gram piece) contains 99.9% pure silver, and virtually no alloy or filler metals. This is a very high fineness and purity level amongst silver products.  



The unique design and function of the 100 x 1 gram Valcambi silver CombiBar give it much versatility, which is an appealing buying factor for many people. Because each piece is breakable, you can easily remove individual pieces to give, trade, or sell. For many people, this aspect also allows them to plan for a possible post disaster scenario. If the economy collapses and the dollar currency system no longer exists, these small 1 gram pieces of silver can easily be used to trade or purchase essentials. This allows you to be able to function in a barter system without having to “overspend” if you only have high value silver coins and bars. In other words, you would not want to use a 1 oz silver coin to purchase a much less valuable (but necessary) item, like a loaf of bread. These silver pieces allow you to be more economical in such a situation.



Speaking of value, the 100 x 1 gram Valcambi silver CombiBar contains 3.215 troy ounces of silver. Thus, each 1 gram piece contains a little more than 0.03 ounces of pure silver. To calculate the value of the sheet, multiply the current price per ounce of silver by 3.215. For example, if silver is priced at $20 per ounce, the approximate value of the CombiBar sheet is $64.30. Therefore, each piece (using the same example) would be valued at just over 64 cents each.


In addition to their versatility, the CombiBar’s price tag is another major selling factor for many. Currently priced at a little over $100 for the sheet as of late 2014, this product is a phenomenal way to invest in pure physical silver for not much money. It costs more to fill the tank of a large SUV these days than it does to invest in this pure silver from a trusted and highly reputable manufacturer. Compared to gold, silver is significantly more affordable, allowing many more people to invest. Thus, demand is often on the rise for physical silver, which also adds to its value over time. 

Value growth on your CombiBar investment depends on silver’s price trend, as well as the functionality of your investment. For example, in the post disaster scenario described above, the value of each piece may be more than the market value, simply because of their functionality. The condition of the product also factors into its overall value. In short, from a long term perspective, your investment in a CombiBar may return a tremendous ROI several years or decades down the road, depending on how silver performs over that time. 

Another added value to owning the 100 x 1 gram Valcambi silver CombiBar is that it is IRA eligible. You can convert this physical silver investment to your retirement savings plan, offering a fantastic alternative to retirement planning to the traditional stocks and bonds many people invest in (sometimes with unfavorable results). It also provides an easy way to start saving for your retirement today, with a small introductory investment of the cost of the bar. 

Finally, keep in mind that volume discounts and other savings are available to you from ITM Trading. When available, discounts are offered when purchasing larger quantities at once. Also, you can save on your purchase when using a wire, ACH, or check as your method of payment, rather than purchasing with a credit card. Free shipping and insurance is also offered with every purchase.

The Valcambi Mint is quickly becoming a top tiered mint with clever products like these. They also make a 50 gram breakable gold bar.

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100 Gram Valcambi Silver CombiBar (100x1g w/ Assay)

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