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Your Wealth Shield™ is a proven and time-tested guide as you make your wealth last forever! At ITM Trading, success is measured through lifetime relationship with our clients and we believe those relationships are gained with transparency and honesty.

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Your Strategy Call

A call with a Gold & Silver Analyst to discuss how you can accomplish your financial and life goals. Or just ask us any questions you may have — we're here to help.

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We believe that everyone deserves a properly developed strategy for financial safety.

Lynette Zang Chief Market Analyst, ITM Trading


Build Your Wealth Shield™ Strategy

This 4-part strategy is your guide to Gold & Silver as you make your wealth last forever. When you insure and protect 100% of your at-risk wealth and assets, you can carry on with your life knowing your standard of living is preserved for decades to come.

Step 1: Education

First we simplify the subject of Gold & Silver protection with education on all types, dates, and qualities, which protect your wealth and assets.

Step 2: Strategy

Next your dedicated Gold & Silver Analyst will help you design a custom tailored strategy, specific to your current concerns and goals.

Step 3: Security

Finally, your strategy becomes reality as you safeguard your wealth and assets with a guaranteed delivery of Gold & Silver from ITM Trading.

Satisfied Clients

After I did over a year research, this without a doubt the most educated and helpful team in the industry. Lynette Zang is incredible, the purchasing process was smooth, and the products are all "sight seen" and certified/guaranteed authentic.

- Niko D.

Client Since 2014

Hi my name is rob, I'm just a blue collar worker and I must say if I had not come across itm trading and Lynette Zang some 3 plus years ago I would still be walking around clueless about what's really going on in the world. Thanks to lynette and itm with all her passionate work I'm no longer a sleeping zombie.

- Robert P.

Client Since 2018

They are as good as it gets when it comes to knowledge about gold coins, and gold bullion. They developed an investment strategy for me that I felt comfortable with and my IRA has never looked better and I have never felt that my money was safer than having it in gold.

- Paul H.

Client Since 2019

Personable advice backed up by the webinars from Lynette and guests, and Q and A sessions with Lynette and Eric are an unbeatable combination for lay people to stay ahead of the impending economic storm.

- SR

Client Since 2017

They are not just selling a product. They are considering you, your situation, what will be the best fit for you. My experience with my representative was extraordinary. The amount of time she invested in me and her care over my purchase... I felt like I had a family member who really cared about my circumstances and was working on my behalf, doing the best they could do for me.

- Susan M.

Client Since 2019

I've been wanting to buy Gold & Silver for some time now, but was still not sure who to do business with. When I was doing research about GOLD there were several sources but when I witnessed the integrity and knowledge of Lynette Zang, I was sold, PERIOD!

- Oscar B.

Client Since 2019

I’ve been on the past webinars, and your knowledge of what’s occurring in the financial world is amazing. I’m very grateful that you’re sharing that knowledge.


Client Since 2020

It's Time to Protect Your Wealth

Inflation has been silently robbing you of your purchasing power since 1913.

Lynette Zang Chief Market Analyst, ITM Trading

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