You’ve likely heard by now about the benefits of investing in gold, and are interested in getting started, but you may still have some questions or uncertainties on what to buy, how much to buy, and so on. Take a look at some information below that aid any beginner gold (or silver) investor.

What to Buy
A common question for first time gold investors is what type of gold to buy. There are a number of options, including contemporary bullion coins, pre-1933 gold coins, gold bars and even jewelry. The answer really just depends on why you are buying gold in the first place. Gold coins are typically the answer to the question of what to buy for first time buyers. They are a great way to take advantage of current gold prices, as well as a historically safer alternative to investing in the market or in real estate. Gold coins also are typically valued slightly higher than their weight in melted gold, and are valued internationally as well. Lastly, the price of gold coins has a large range due to variations in size, so you can make your first investment without breaking the bank.

When to Buy
When to make the investment in gold is another common question for first time buyers. There is no solid answer for this one, other than “when you are ready.” In other words, buy the gold when you need it and can afford it. Since it is difficult to predict when prices will come down, waiting may make your investment more expensive. If you have already made up your mind to buy or invest in gold, then there is no better time than the present. Gold adds diversity to your investment portfolio, and is typically a long term investment, so there is no need to wait for a lower price that may or may not happen.

Gold as Insurance
It is important for beginning gold investors to think of gold as insurance among your investment portfolio. What does this mean? Simply that gold is more of an investor’s safety net. In other words, if the stock market crashes, the dollar’s value plummets, and real estate value declines, gold is unaffected as far as its worth. When all else fails, gold investments will protect your wealth.

How Much to Invest
People also wonder how much gold to invest in, or how much of their overall portfolio should be gold. This, again, varies from person to person. A good rule of thumb is somewhere between 5-30%, but again, it depends on your situation. Speak to a financial or investment advisor if you are unsure or uncomfortable deciding on your own.

How to Buy
The question of how to buy—or who to buy from—when investing in gold is an important one. You want to make sure you are buying from a credible source. Ask questions, and make your purchase from a company or source that is willing to answer your questions without pushing you into investments you are not ready to make. Beware of sources that lure you in with low prices then try to sell you something you cannot afford. Check the Better Business Bureau for overall rating; beware of companies with several complaints or low scores. Gold and Silver Online has an “A” rating and zero complaints on the BBB site, and is a BBB accredited business. Check out our Trust Pilot reviews by our customers which can be found by clicking on the home button and look for the green logo on the right hand side. We are here to help you make the best decision for you, and offer competitive prices through our secure buying platform. Read gold 101