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How Tech Monopolies Shape AI Policy and Guard Their Thrones

Peek Beneath the Skin of the Markets Nov 26, 2023

The unfolding landscape of A.I. and the hidden threat that might be flying under your radar. In this video, we delve into the realm of A.I. with a focus on public interest and the looming menace of monopolies. Imagine a scenario where only a few major players—Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, and Microsoft—hold the reins of control over everything. Join us as we dissect their partnerships, investments, and a slew of acquisitions, revealing a strategy of acquiring potential competitors or forming alliances that ultimately grant them dominance. Witness how these entities collaborate to fortify their monopolies, drawing parallels to the tactics employed in industries like pharmaceuticals and media. Stay informed about the intricate web these tech giants are weaving and gain insights into the broader implications for the future of A.I. and innovation. #AI #MonopolyThreat #TechGiants


0:00 Monopolies
1:40 AI In The Public
4:01 Deep Pockets
5:05 Meta Enables Amazon
5:48 Competition Is Bad
8:50 Market Cap vs GDP’s
11:10 Top Lobby Spenders
14:33 Get Your Strategy



Report | AI in the Public Interest: Confronting the Monopoly Threat — Open Markets Institute

OMI+AI+Report+WEB.pdf (squarespace.com)







Who wins in the battle between nation states and Big Tech? (ft.com)







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