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Austrian Silver Philharmonic


 The Austrian Silver Philharmonic coin is produced by The Austrian Mint, which has a long and storied history. The coin itself is pursued by collectors and investors for its high content of fine silver, as well as its beautiful and unique design. The coin was first introduced to the world in 2008, so it is a relatively new coin to the precious metals market, but has quickly become one of the most sought after European silver bullion coins. It has been produced each year since its debut, and is available to purchase as a single coin, roll of 20, or monster box of 500! Continue reading for more details on The Austrian Mint and its Austrian Silver Philharmonic coin.

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2020 1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic

Volume Pricing
Qty Wire/Check Credit Card*
1 - 49 $23.27 $23.97
50 - 499 $23.27 $23.97
500 - 1999 $23.06 $23.75
2000+ $22.90 $23.58
- 1 oz of Silver
- Date of mint: 2020
- Mint: Austrian Mint
- Is IRA Eligible
- Origin: FOREIGN
- Stock Photo
Ships Week of 7/24/2020, or later

1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic (Common Date)

Volume Pricing
Qty Wire/Check Credit Card*
1 - 49 $23.50 $24.20
50 - 499 $23.50 $24.20
500+ $23.18 $23.87
- 1 oz of Silver
- Date of mint: Common Date
- Is IRA Eligible
- Stock Photo
Ships Week of 7/24/2020, or later

Austrian Silver Philharmonic


 At over 800 years old, The Austrian Mint is one of the world’s oldest minting establishments. However, throughout that time, it has gone through numerous changes, including name, function, and even location. It is currently located near Vienna, Austria’s historical center, and for good reason. 

The beginning of The Austrian Mint dates all the way back to 1194. Austria's Duke Leopoldo V had a falling out with King Richard, reportedly over a prior offensive remark. During this rift, Duke Leopoldo V was captured, with the ransom demanded for his release set at a very high 150,000 marks, which equated to 65,000 pounds of silver! Despite the high price tag, the ransom was paid, and afterward, the 65,000 pounds of silver was turned into silver coins for the Austrian Empire. This process was the first task of The Austrian Mint.

 Over the course of its centuries-long history, the mint’s location moved many times, but it was mostly in or around Vienna. In the 19th century, the mint was relocated to Heumarkt, which is its current location in central Vienna. The Republic of Austria was formed nearly 100 years ago, and had more than the one mint at the time, but the Vienna Principal Mint (one former name of The Austrian Mint) proved to be the most successful. Several decades later, in 1989, the mint was subsidized by the National Bank of Vienna, and was then named The Austrian Mint.

 Aside from name and location changes over hundreds of years, the Austrian Mint is also well known for its skillful minting designs and production. One look at the Austrian Silver Philharmonic and the mint’s design skill is clearly evident. The allure of the coin and the gorgeous imagery make this coin not only valuable, but downright fun to look at.

 Between 2008 and 2012, over 54 million coins were produced at the Austrian Mint, and the production has not stopped since. Over the course of its spectacular history, the Austrian Mint has earned its reputation as one of the finest minting establishments and technically skillful mints in all of the world.

 Size and Design

 The 2015 Austrian Silver Philharmonic coin has a diameter of 37 mm, and is 3.2 mm thick. Thomas Pesendorfer is credited with designing both the front (obverse) and back (reverse) sides of the coin, back in 1989. At first, the designs were commissioned for use on a commemorative coin. However, the designs were so popular and well received that they have been the designs on this hallmark coin each year since its debut in 2008.   

 As the coin’s name suggests, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is featured on the obverse side of the coin. This orchestra, like the mint itself, is world renowned for its technical precision, and has the utmost respect of all of the global music community. In the center of the obverse side, you’ll see a cello, along with two violins on either side. Behind these instruments are additional instruments: a regal harp, a partial bassoon, and a Vienna horn. Above all the instruments, at the top of the obverse side, are the words "WIENER PHILHARMONIC" (Vienna Philharmonic) and "SILBER" (silver). 

 On the reverse side of the Austrian Silver Philharmonic coin, the historical Vienna organ found inside the Golden Concert Hall is featured. Above the image is the phrase "REPUBLIK OSTERREICH" (Republic of Austria). Also found on the reverse side is the legal tender of 1,50 Euro, the weight of "1 UNZE FEINSILBER" (1 Troy ounce), the mint year (2015 in this case), and the coin’s purity of .999.

 Each individual coin is identical and sent in BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) condition. The design of the Austrian Silver Philharmonic is identical to its gold counterpart, which also is highly admired and sought out. 


 Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins boast a purity level of .999, or 99.9% pure silver. Each coin contains 1 troy ounce of pure silver. As compared to other silver bullion coins, Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins have a very high purity and finesses level.


 The high content of fine silver and gorgeous design described above both add value to this coin, as both create demand for this particular silver product. However, the largest contributor to the value of the Austrian Silver Philharmonic is the current market price per ounce of silver. Since each coin contains one troy ounce of silver, you can make the easy comparison by looking at the current market price per ounce of silver to get an approximate value of each 1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic coin you own. For example, if the current market price of silver is $20 per ounce, then each Austrian Silver Philharmonic coin you own is worth roughly $20. This value can and does change all the time. However, as your coins get older, they typically become more valuable. Age and the coin’s condition can also add or detract from the coin’s overall value.

 As for silver itself, it is a popular investment option for many people, who often prefer silver over gold because silver is far more affordable, and many people see greater upside in value for silver over gold. 

 You can also add value to your investment by purchasing a higher volume of Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins at once, such as a roll of 20 or monster box of 500. You can sometimes receive a volume discount when purchasing higher quantities. You can also save money and add value to your purchase by using a check, wire transfer, or ACH transfer to complete your purchase, rather than a credit card.

 ITM Trading is happy to include free shipping and free insurance with every purchase of Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins.