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90% Silver Quarter, Silver Coins ($1 Face Value, Varied Condition)

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About This Product

- Year: Random Year
- Weight: .715 oz
- Manufacturer: US Mint
- Origin: United States
- Product Type: Silver Bullion Coin
- Purity: 90% SILVER
- Diameter: 24.3 mm
- Thickness: 1.7 mm
- Grade: Varied Condition
- Face Value: $1 (4 x .25¢)
- Is IRA Eligible? No


Junk silver is an increasingly popular investment for planners and for people looking to invest in a decent amount of silver at a relatively low cost. Junk silver coins were minted in the U.S. prior to 1965. Up until that year, the U.S. Mint used silver as the primary element in dimes, quarters, half dollars, and silver (full) dollars. Thus, the coins are by no means “junk,” as they are worth much more than their face value, because they contain 90% pure silver. The face value of the coins in a 90% junk silver bag with a $1 face value is, of course, $1, but the coins themselves are worth far more, and are valuable for other reasons as well. Let’s take a closer look. 

Silver Coin History

From 1795 through 1965, all U.S.-produced dimes, quarters, half dollars, and full dollars were made using 90% silver. Up until that time, silver was a monetary metal. The same was true for gold, though the U.S. Mint stopped using gold in its everyday coins a few decades earlier, in 1933. After 1965 (or 1933 for gold), the Mint used less expensive metals to make the silver coins. The reason was because the actual silver content was worth more than the face value of the coins.

 Once the decision was made to use other metals, silver immediately was able to rise and fall in value on its own, as well as increase in price and grow with inflation. Before 1965, silver’s price was $1.29 per ounce (it grew to around $50 per ounce at one point, and hovers around $20 per ounce in late 2014). To calculate the actual value of a pre-1965 quarter, multiply the current silver price per ounce by .181. For example, if the current price of silver is $20 per ounce, then a pre-1965 quarter is worth $3.62, which is nearly 15 times over its face value of $0.25.

 According to Gresham’s Law, “when coins of equal face value but different intrinsic value are put into circulation side by side, the coin with the higher intrinsic value will be hoarded and only the coin of lower intrinsic value will remain in circulation.” Because of this, pre-1965 silver coins are not often found in public. Many people collect and keep them for their silver content, rather than their face value. If you do happen to receive a pre-1965 quarter, don’t put it in a vending machine! Its true value is worth much more than that.

 As more time passes between 1965 and the present, these pre-1965 silver quarters will continue to become even rarer, since none have been produced in nearly 50 years, and those that are still out there are being collected and hoarded. Also, the intrinsic value of these coins continues to grow alongside silver’s price. While silver may experience declines here and there, from a long term perspective, it has consistently performed at a high level, trending in an upwards direction. Therefore, purchasing a junk silver bag with $10 worth of face value quarters gets you far more value in silver content, and serves as a popular investment vehicle for those looking to acquire physical silver. 

90% Junk Silver Bag - $1 Face Quarters

Junk Bag Description

90% junk silver bags with $1 (face value) worth of quarters come with 4 pre-1965 quarters. This equates to about .715 ounces of pure silver. To calculate the approximate market value of the bag, multiply .715 by the current price per ounce of silver. For example, if the price of silver is $20 per ounce, then the bag is worth about $143. The “bag” itself is actually a tube of quarters, making it easy to safely store or access the coins anytime. The coins themselves are in circulated condition, meaning they were in use at one point and are not mint condition. Nonetheless, you truly are getting a decent amount of physical silver coins when you purchase a junk silver bag with $1 face value in quarters. This option is also great for those looking specifically for quarters, which are easier to keep track of than dimes, as well as for those who are not yet ready to buy the junk silver bag with a face value of $1,000.


Pre-1965 silver coins contain 90% pure silver. This is a lower amount than pure silver bars and other bullion that have a fineness score of .999 (99.9% pure silver) or .9999 (99.99% pure silver). However, a coin with 90% pure silver still has a very high silver ratio compared to other alloy metals and elements that make up the rest of the coin.

Economic Collapse?

One of the most popular reasons why people buy junk silver bags is to prepare for a possible economic collapse, or other serious disaster that can leave our current financial system useless. Many people foresee junk silver as a strong bartering resource in a post-apocalyptic society. It sounds a bit extreme to some, but if that time ever did come, you’ll be glad you have the pre-1965 silver coins on hand. The reason is, even if the dollar has no value, physical silver does.

 Per-1965 quarters contain much less silver than a 1oz silver coin. While the 1oz silver coin will still be able to be used to barter after an economic collapse, quarters seem much more reasonable for the smaller, everyday purchases you’ll need to make. You wouldn’t want to trade your expensive silver coin for a few groceries, but if you have the pre-1965 quarters, you’ll have more flexibility. It’s like walking into a grocery store to buy just a few items with a $100 bill instead of a $20 bill, except that the cashier likely won’t give you change for the $100 bill. Having silver that is of real value on hand can give you the ability to trade it in for goods and services you need. Having a 1oz Silver Eagle would be much more difficult to barter with if you were to need items that were of less value because it is worth so much more than a quarter.

 In short, owning junk silver is advantageous because it is real silver, it can be used as a bartering tool, and it is considered an investment vehicle in which silver has risen over 500% in the last 12 years. Junk silver quarters have many uses, and are an affordable way to grow your physical silver portfolio and collection.

Please Note We have junk silver bags up to $1000.00 face value! Please call for delivery date.

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90% Silver Quarter, Silver Coins ($1 Face Value, Varied Condition)

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