90% Silver Dimes, Silver Coins ($250 Face Value, Circulated)

3.575 oz
US Mint
Available, but unknown delivery date

About This Product

- 0.715 oz of Silver
- Date of mint: Pre 1964
- Not IRA Eligible
- Stock Photo

Junk Silver Dimes

Junk silver coins are a very popular way to own silver today.  Due to fear of an economic collapse many people believe that silver will be used as a bartering tool in a post-apocalyptic society.  For this reason junk silver dimes are a highly sought after silver investment, especially for preppers.

Junk silver coins are 90% silver and were minted prior to 1965.  The types of coins that fit into this category are dimes, quarters, half dollars and silver dollars, but only prior to 1965.  After that year they are made from less expensive metals.

Prior to 1965 the U.S. used silver in its coinage as silver was considered a monetary metal just like gold.  But that practice stopped in 1965 just thirty years after gold was removed from coinage.  Once silver was allowed to fluctuate normally in price it allowed silver to increase in value along with inflation.  Prior to 1965 the price of silver was $1.29 per ounce, which is why a dime was 90% silver and was worth $.10.  As a rough estimate a pre-1965 dime is worth .072 multiplied times the spot price of silver, which when this was written was $2.09.  So a single pre-1965 dime is worth over $2.00!  This is the reason why you don’t see them floating around all that often, people see them and hoard them.

Because dimes are small and have a relatively low silver value they make a great bartering tool.  Imagine you are in a post-apocalyptic United States and you need some bread but the dollar is worthless.  You walk down to the local farmers market to buy some bread, milk and eggs.  If you have silver, something of real value, it is likely that you will be able to trade that silver for what you are seeking.  If you have a 1 oz. silver eagle in hand which is about 12 times more valuable than a dime, it will be slightly more difficult to barter with on small items.  Thus the reason so many preppers prefer dimes and quarters to silver dollars.

What is nice about owning junk silver is that it is silver.  So not only do you own a barter-able item, but also you own silver which as an investment has risen over 500% in the past 12 years.  Junk silver dimes have dual uses.

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90% Silver Dimes, Silver Coins ($250 Face Value, Circulated)

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