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50 Gram Valcambi Gold CombiBar (50 x 1g, w/ Assay)

50 g
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About This Product

- Weight: 50 x 1 gram
- Manufacturer: Valcambi
- Origin: Switzerland
- Product Type: Gold Bullion Bar
- Purity: 99.99% FINE GOLD
- Dimensions: 8.5 x 15 mm
- Thickness: .55 mm
- Karats: 24k
- Is IRA Eligible? Yes

50 Gram Gold Bars



Gold bar investment is common practice in the precious metals world. Gold bars exist for nearly every investment budget, from small 2.5 gram gold bars to larger bars of 1 kilogram or more. Some common sizes include 1 oz. gold bars, 5 oz. gold bars, and 10 oz. gold bars. However, 50 gram gold bars are the preferred choice for many investors. They contain 50 grams of pure gold. One ounce of gold is equal to 28.3495 grams, so a 50 gram gold bar weighs about 1.60754 troy ounces (1.7637 ounces). This makes 50 gram gold bars an excellent choice for those looking to invest a bit more than just a 1 oz. gold bar, but not commit to the cost of a 5 oz. gold bar, or higher. 50 gram gold bars are also a great way to add new and diverse products into your precious metals portfolio, and to your investment portfolio as a whole. 

Valcambi Overview

Valcambi is another leading precious metals refining company, which operates out of one of the largest facilities in the world, located in Balerna, Switzerland. The company was founded over 50 years ago in 1961 by several experts in the precious metals and private investment industries, and has been successful for over half a century in precious metals refining. The company prides itself on top notch customer service, as well as using the best technology available in its manufacturing processes.


50 Gram Valcambi Gold CombiBar

Another popular 50 gram gold bar product is the 50 gram Valcambi Gold CombiBar. This gold bar is quite unique. It contains 50 grams of pure gold, but is divisible in smaller 1-gram pieces. Thus, the bar itself contains 50 1-gram gold bars that you can break off individually, or leave intact for the complete 50 gram gold bar. The 50 gram Valcambi Gold CombiBar is comprised of 99.99% pure 24 Karat gold. The bar contains a total of 50 grams of gold, and each 1-gram piece contains 0.035 ounces of gold. This is a great product for someone looking to invest in 50 grams of pure gold in a single transaction, and have the option to break up the gold into smaller increments.

 In terms of design, each 1 gram piece is stamped with its gold content, purity, and weight: “1 g,” “fine gold,” and “999,9” (the comma being the European punctuation). The front also features the Valcambi logo. Each piece is shiny and metallic with a modern and clean look, and the unique design of the sheet as a whole sets it apart from other gold products, such as small bars and coins.

 50 Gram Valcambi Gold CombiBar Versatility

The unique design and function of the 50 gram Valcambi Gold CombiBar gives it much versatility, which is an appealing buying factor for many people. Because each piece is breakable, you can easily remove individual pieces to give as gifts, trade, or sell. For many people, this aspect also allows them to plan for a possible post disaster scenario. If the economy collapses and the dollar currency system no longer exists, these small 1 gram pieces of gold can easily be used to trade or purchase essentials, rather than having to use a larger gold coin or bar valued much higher than a 1 gram piece. This allows you to be able to function in a barter system without having to overspend.

 50 Gram Gold Bar Value

Value is an important component to any investment. When buying gold, such as 50 gram gold bars, understand that the value of your bar will fluctuate all the time, as the spot price of gold changes. Compare the spot price of gold, measured in ounces, against your 50 grams of gold. Multiply the current spot price of gold by 1.7637 to calculate the approximate value of a 50 gram gold bar. However, keep in mind that your gold bar’s condition, the demand for gold, and other factors will also impact the true value of your 50 gram gold bar. Be sure to keep the bar safely and securely stored in its original packaging, in the same condition ITM Trading sends it to you, to maximize the value and return on your investment in 50 gram gold bars. Consider a safe, safety deposit box, or other gold storage option.

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50 Gram Valcambi Gold CombiBar (50 x 1g, w/ Assay)

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