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5 oz PAMP Suisse Fortuna Gold Bar (w/ Assay)

5 oz
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About This Product

- Weight: 5 oz
- Manufacturer: PAMP Suisse
- Origin: Switzerland
- Product Type: Gold Bullion Bar
- Purity: 99.99% FINE GOLD
- Dimensions: 60 x 35 mm
- Thickness: 3.86 mm
- Karats: 24k
- Is IRA Eligible? Yes


Gold bars are a quintessential form of investing in physical gold. However, to the casual investor, gold bars, especially larger ones, may be out of reach in terms of cost. Gold bars have been around for centuries. Banks, financial institutions, government institutions, and private investors have purchased and safeguarded gold bars throughout history. Gold bars come in a variety of sizes and styles, from a number of different mints and producers. 5 oz. gold bars are attractive for many people because they are not as pricey as larger gold bar counterparts, but at the same time, still contain a substantial amount of gold. Casual or new investors likely want to explore less expensive options, but for the right investor, a 5 oz. gold bar is a thrilling purchase. Gold bars often have a lower premium versus gold coins, giving you more bang for your buck. 

 5 oz. PAMP Suisse Gold Bar 

Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux (PAMP) Suisse is a global leader in precious metals refining. The firm was created in 1977, and its headquarters are located in Castel San Pietro, Switzerland.  PAMP gold bars are acceptable by "Good Delivery" by LBMA, the Swiss National Bank, LPPM, making it one of the three “Approved Good Delivery Refineries” in the world. PAMP is also known for its environmentalism and sustainable practices, and became a member of the Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade (PPA) in 2013. This organization helps to ensure that only materials being extracted from the appropriate areas with humane treatment are being used in precious metal refineries. 

 The 5 oz. PAMP Suisse gold bar is known for is exquisite craftsmanship and its gorgeous design. On the bar’s obverse (front) side, a stunning image of the Roman Goddess Fortuna is shown. Fortuna is blindfolded, and is holding a cornucopia that is overflowing with coins and wealth. Fortuna is the Roman goddess of fortune, and an appropriate choice for the design of this, and several other, gold bars produced by PAMP Suisse. Other than this gorgeous image, the obverse does not contain any other design elements, logos, or words. This simple beauty is one of the most appealing designs on any gold bar available today.

 The reverse (back) side of the 5.oz PAMP Suisse gold bar shows the bar’s weight and purity, as well as a unique serial number to help with authenticity. The PAMP Suisse logo is at the top. Underneath that, the words “5 oz,” FINE GOLD,” and “999.9” appear, depicting the qualities of the bar. The serial number is below the purity number. These 5 oz. PAMP Suisse gold bars are 3.86 mm thick.

5 oz. Generic Gold Bar 

ITM Trading is pleased to offer a variety of 5 oz. gold bars. Because our inventory varies throughout the year, we offer investors to purchase 5 oz. generic gold bars. These gold bars do not speficy a certain mint, producer, or design. However, we do ensure that these 5 oz. gold bars are composed of five ounces of pure, fine gold, typically .9999 (99.99% pure fine gold). Unless otherwise noted, these gold bars are in mint condition and in their original packaging. Please give us a call for additional details.

 5 oz. Gold Bars vs. 1 oz. Gold Bars

For those looking to invest in gold bars, you may find yourself considering a series of 1 oz. gold bars as opposed to a 5 oz. gold bar. There are many more options available for 1 oz. gold bars than their 5 oz. counterparts, which is one advantage of purchasing bars in this size. However, if you are looking to acquire five ounces (or more) of gold, you are typically better off buying a 5 oz. gold bar (or larger) rather than several smaller bars. You’ll end up paying more money in premiums on lower priced gold bars, and in some cases, you will need to initiate multiple transactions rather than just one.

 Retirement Accounts

Many people choose to purchase 5 oz. gold bars as a way to fund Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) or Retirement Savings Plans (RSP). Some people are not aware that you can use physical precious metals that are eligible for these types of accounts as a means to invest of fund retirement savings accounts and plans. One primary advantage of this investment strategy is a tax break, which allows participants to grow their retirement account value at a faster pace. Whether a bar is eligible or not can vary, so be sure to check on the eligibility of a specific bar before you buy it if you wish to opt in to a similar retirement strategy with your precious metals purchases.

 Gold Bar Safety and Security

Gold bars that are as valuable as 5 oz. gold bars should be stored and treated with care and security. You do not want to leave these lying around. Invest in a secure home storage set up, such as a secure safe, ideally bolted to the floor or attached in some way. There is no need to tell everyone you know about your precious metals collection, as the news may reach the wrong ears. Another option is to store your gold bars and other physical precious metals in a safety deposit box, bank vault, or other personal wealth storage service outside of your home.

Gold Bar Value

Like other physical gold, 5 oz. gold bar values fluctuate all the time, based on the spot price per ounce of gold. To determine your 5 oz. gold bar’s approximate value, simply multiply the current spot price per ounce of gold by 5. For example, if gold’s current spot price is $1300 per ounce, then your gold bar’s value is approximately $6500. However, other factors may add or decrease value from your bar, which is another reason why proper storage is important. Because of the lower premiums on gold bars versus gold coins, as well as the benefits of purchasing from ITM Trading (free shipping and insurance, volume discounts, and so on), your gold bar’s value can be more significant that purchases made from other sources right off the bat.

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5 oz PAMP Suisse Fortuna Gold Bar (w/ Assay)

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