2012 1 oz Canadian Silver Moose $5 Dollar Silver Coin

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About This Product

- Year: 2012
- Weight: 1 oz
- Manufacturer: Royal Canadian Mint
- Origin: Canada
- Product Type: Silver Bullion Coin
- Purity: 99.99% FINE SILVER
- Diameter: 38 mm
- Thickness: 3.29 mm
- Grade: BU - Brilliant Uncirculated
- Face Value: $5 CAD
- Is IRA Eligible? Yes

Canadian Wildlife Coins – 1 oz. Silver Moose 2012

The 1 oz. Silver Moose is part of the Canadian Wildlife Coin series, which first launched in 2010. As of 2015, there are six coins in the series, with the Canadian Moose being the fourth. Each coin features one of Canada’s spectacular animals in its native environment, and pays homage to the country’s incredible landscape and wildlife. Like the other Canadian Wildlife coins, the 2012 Silver Moose has a high purity silver content, and is popular because of its design, affordability, and appeal.

 Canadian Wildlife Coins History

The Canadian Wildlife series launched with the release of the Canadian Wolf silver coin in 2010. Since then, five more have been released: the Canadian Grizzly coin in 2011; the Canadian Cougar coin in 2011; the Canadian Moose coin in 2012; the Canadian Pronghorn Antelope in 2012; and the Canadian Wood Bison coin in 2013. All of the animals chosen to be represented on these coins are icons of the Canadian animal kingdom. The back side of each coin displays the designated animal in its natural habitat.

 Only 1,000,000 of each coin was produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, which adds to the demand for these coins, as they are somewhat rare amongst others in the gold and silver coin market. The Royal Canadian Mint’s Ottawa location is where each coin in the Canadian Wildlife series was created, and the same quality standards the mint is known for on coins like the Silver Maple Leaf were implemented when making the Canadian Wildlife Coin series. Thus, these coins are beautiful, rare, and very high quality.

 2012 Silver Moose Design and Specifications

The 2012 Canadian Wildlife 1 oz. Silver Moose coin contains one troy ounce of very fine silver, with a fineness level of .9999, which equates to a measurement of 99.99% very fine silver. Very few silver coins are able to boast a fineness score this high. The 1 oz. Silver Moose has a face value of $5 Canadian Dollars. However, the actual value based on the silver content and other factors described below is significantly higher than the coin’s face value.

 From a design perspective, the obverse, or front, side of the 1 oz. Silver Moose features a portrait image of Queen Elizabeth II from England. Susanna Blunt, a famous portrait artist and designer, created this image, which appears on the obverse side of every coin in the Canadian Wildlife Coin series. Also included on the obverse side of this coin are the words “ELIZABETH II,” “5 DOLLARS,” and “2012,” to let you know who you are looking at, the face value of the coin, and the year it was minted. Overall, the obverse side is simple, and has received some criticism in that it leaves something to be desired from a design standpoint. However, the main event happens on the reverse side, which is where the 1 oz. Silver Moose really comes to life.

 The reverse, or back, side of 2012 1 oz. Silver Moose features the moose itself. The majestic animal is proudly standing in a field of grass, gazing out at his surroundings. The animal’s antlers are massive, truly highlighting the large size and strength of the moose. Its body and head are designed to really showcase its power and stature. Its muscles and coat of fur are also clearly defined. The moose seems to tower over the field of wild grass in which it is standing, again showcasing the animal’s huge size. The design itself is remarkable, and was created by William Woodruff, who also designed the three previous coins in the Canadian Wildlife series.

 While the image is clearly the focal point, the reverse side also contains these additional phrases: “CANADA,” “9999,” and “FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR.” These words tell you the coin’s country of origin, purity level, and silver content (“Argent Pur” translates into “Pure Silver”).

 1 oz. Silver Moose Purity and Value

Aside from the design, the pure silver content found in the 1 oz. Silver Moose coin is another large factor in why people seek out and purchase this coin. Its 99.99% fine silver content (.9999 fineness) is among the highest in the world. Investors and collectors who are in the know about gold and silver coins already understand that the Royal Canadian Mint has a reputation for producing coins with a quality level this high. Combine this factor with the rarity mentioned above, and the affordable price tag, and an investment in 1 oz. Silver Moose coins can prove to have a lucrative return.

 So, how much is a 1 oz. Silver Moose worth? Great question, though the answer is different every day. One place to start is by looking at the current market price per ounce of silver. Since your 1 oz. Silver Moose contains one ounce of very pure silver, then you can assume that the coin’s value is quite close to the current price per ounce of silver. However, since the 1 oz. Silver Moose contains silver that is more pure than many other 1 oz. coins, and because it is rarer than many 1 oz. silver coins, your 1 oz. Silver Moose may also be more valuable than other 1 oz. silver coins on the market. With this in mind, it is easy to see why many people often purchase this coin over other similar silver coins.

 Another thing to keep in mind is that the 1 oz. Silver Moose is part of a collection. This means that the buyer who is looking to complete the collection may be willing to pay more for your 1 oz. Silver Moose than the actual market value, because of the role it plays in owning the entire Canadian Wildlife Coin series.

 Lastly, it is important to understand the affordability of this coin. Silver in general is much more affordable than gold, despite the fact that many experts believe silver’s value growth over time has a higher potential than gold’s. The 1 oz. Silver Moose is realistic for any budget, and the low price allows you to buy higher quantity or diversify better than if you were to buy a much more expensive product.

 As always with ITM Trading, your purchase is guaranteed, insured, and includes free shipping. Additional discounts may be available with quantity purchases and/or payment method.

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2012 1 oz Canadian Silver Moose $5 Dollar Silver Coin

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