20 Gram Valcambi Gold CombiBar (20 x 1g, w/ Assay)

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About This Product

- Weight: 20 x 1 gram
- Manufacturer: Valcambi
- Origin: Switzerland
- Product Type: Gold Bullion Bar
- Purity: 99.99% FINE GOLD
- Thickness: .85 mm
- Karats: 24k

20 Gram Gold Bars


  • The Valcambi Gold CombiBar is made of 99.99% pure gold.
  • The CombiBar is stamped with its gold content, purity, and weight.
  • The CombiBar has a modern and clean design.
  • The value of a 20 gram gold bar will also be affected by its condition.
  • It is important to store your 20 gram gold bar in a safe and secure location.


20 Gram Gold Bars - A Versatile Investment Option

Investing in gold bars is a prevalent practice in the world of precious metals. These bars cater to various budgets, ranging from small 2.5-gram bars to larger ones weighing 1 kilogram or more. Among the popular choices for investors are 20 gram gold bars, containing 20 grams of pure gold. Each 20 gram gold bar weighs approximately 0.643 troy ounces, making it an ideal option for those looking to invest in a bit less gold than a 1 oz. bar.

One prominent name in the precious metals refining industry is Valcambi. Operating from its state-of-the-art facility in Balerna, Switzerland, Valcambi has thrived for over 50 years, boasting exceptional customer service and utilizing cutting-edge technology in its manufacturing processes.

The 20 gram Valcambi Gold CombiBar is a unique product in the market. Comprised of 99.99% pure 24 Karat gold, this bar can be divided into smaller 1-gram pieces, providing investors with flexibility. Each piece is stamped with its gold content, purity, and weight, and features the Valcambi logo on the front, giving it a modern and distinctive appearance.

The CombiBar's versatility appeals to many buyers, as it allows individual pieces to be separated for gifting, trading, or selling. Furthermore, this feature can be advantageous in uncertain economic scenarios, as smaller 1-gram pieces can serve as a medium of exchange in a barter system.

The value of a 20 gram gold bar fluctuates with changes in the spot price of gold. To determine the approximate value of your 20 gram gold bar, multiply the current spot price of gold by 0.643. However, factors like the bar's condition, the demand for gold, and other market influences will also impact its true value. To maximize the value and return on investment, store the bar safely in its original packaging or consider secure storage options like a safe or safety deposit box.

In conclusion, 20 gram gold bars offer a convenient and versatile investment option for those seeking to diversify their precious metals portfolio and make a wise addition to their overall investment strategy.

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20 Gram Valcambi Gold CombiBar (20 x 1g, w/ Assay)

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