20 Francs Swiss Gold Coin – Helvetia (Pre-1933, Random Year, Varied Condition) *

Bern Mint
90% GOLD
Varied Condition
20 Francs EURO
Random Dates
0.1867 oz
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About This Product

- Year: Random Year
- Weight: .1867 oz
- Manufacturer: Bern Mint
- Origin: France
- Product Type: Semi-Numismatic Gold Coin
- Purity: 90.00% GOLD
- Diameter: 21.6 mm
- Thickness: 1.4 mm
- Karats: 21k
- Grade: Varied Condition
- Face Value: 20 Francs EURO
- Is IRA Eligible? No

Swiss Gold 20 Franc

The 20 Gold Swiss Franc is a smaller coin that was minted by the tens of millions between
1815 and 1949. The Swiss have a strong history of being neutral, and using gold to back
their currency instead of political decree or military force has earned the Swiss Franc the
reputation of a “Gentleman’s currency”. For this and other reasons the gold Swiss Franc
has been readily accepted in times and places where gold from Germany and Africa have not.
There may definitely be something to be said for holding gold that is produced in a country
that is not only a powerhouse banking capitol, but is respected and revered around
the world as well. Something to think about....

The Artwork On The Front Of The Swiss Gold 20 Franc

The more readily available 20 Gold Swiss Francs, bares the likeness of a woman with flowers in
her braided hair on the front of the coin. Her name is Vreneli, and from time to time you may
also hear this coin referred to by her name. Other names common to this coin are the “Swiss Miss”,
and the “Helvetia”. The word “Helvetia” is emblazoned in a gentle arc over the head of Vreneli,
and carries a meaning similar to the American Lady Liberty. Behind Vreneli and below the Helvetia
inscription, is a grand depiction of the Swiss Alps.

The Artwork On The Back Of The Swiss Gold 20 Franc

The back or reverse side of the coin is primarily dedicated to images of the familiar Swiss Cross
and the less familiar Swiss Shield. Also depicted is an Oak tree branch which has been used by the
Swiss to symbolize strength. Also on the reverse of the coin is it’s denomination, 20, and “FR” which
is the contraction for “Franc”. The year of the coin’s striking is also minted in relief on the back of
the coin, at the bottom.Should you find a “B” on the coin, this is the mintmark for the mint in
Bern, Switzerland, and it denotes where the coin was produced. Like most old foreign gold coins,
the 20 Gold Swiss Franc is a blend of gold and another metal or metals, in this case copper,
and this blending is done to aid in the minting process as well as provide added durability necessary
for day to day use in circulation.

Why You Should Have Gold Swiss Francs In Your Portfolio

ITM Trading sees the value in holding a portion of your wealth in old foreign gold coins, not only
because in the past numismatic and semi-numismatic coins have out-paced gold bullion coins in
growth and profit, but also because there is historic financial safety factor at play for Americans who
did not have to turn in gold coins that were either rare, or collectible under Executive Order 6102.
Holding coins that are the legal tender of another country, in addition to being old and rare,
may release the owner from confiscation should another Presidential Executive Order like
President Roosevelt’s ever be decreed. When President Roosevelt had all the gold coins back in
the possession of the Federal Banks, he raised the official set price of gold from just over $20
an ounce to $35 an ounce. Those holding the new Federal Reserve Note saw a 75% devaluation
of their currency overnight, while those that still owned physical gold coins, saw the value of their
coins increase by 75% overnight. Considering the current state of global economics, the relatively
small premium associated with semi-numismatic coins makes them an inexpensive insurance policy
against a paper currency calamity.

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20 Francs Swiss Gold Coin – Helvetia (Pre-1933, Random Year, Varied Condition) *

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