1 oz Sunshine Gold Bar (w/ Assay Card)

1 oz
Sunshine Minting
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About This Product

- Weight: 1 oz
- Manufacturer: Sunshine Minting
- Origin: United States
- Product Type: Gold Bullion Bar
- Purity: 99.99% FINE GOLD
- Dimensions: 49.96 x 29.96 mm
- Thickness: 1.6 mm
- Karats: 24k
- Is IRA Eligible? Yes


The 1 oz Sunshine Minting Gold Bar is a popular investment known for its gorgeous design, impeccable security technology, and the overall strong reputation of its producer, Sunshine Minting. This is a bar made of very fine gold, produced within the U.S., and is one of the premier 1 oz. gold bars available on the market today.

 Sunshine Minting History

Founded in in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho in 1979, Sunshine Minting is a high end producer of gold and silver products such as bullion, coins, and bars. They are also known for their custom work, offering custom design services, as well as blanking, coining, mining, melting, casting, edging, and colorizing. Sunshine Minting is the official supplier of blank silver rounds to the U.S. Mint. The company has production facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada and Shanghai, China, as well as offices in Canada, Argentina, Austria, and the United States. The 1 oz. gold bar is produced in the U.S.

 Sunshine Minting is known for three things: gorgeous product design, incredibly high quality products, and its unique security technology found on most of its products. Its products are instantly recognizable because of their sleek look and unmistakable logo. 

 Let’s talk a bit more about the company’s incredible high security technology, which Sunshine Minting created as a measure against combat counterfeiting. The company’s MINT MARK SI™ security seal is found on the 1 oz. Sunshine Minting gold bar. This amazing feature allows you to look with a specially designed decoder lens to validate and authenticate the gold bar. Using this lens, which is sold separately, you’ll see the word "VALID." Turn the coin 90 degrees and you will see Sunshine Minting’s sunburst logo. It’s like something out of a Dick Tracy comic! More importantly, this feature adds integrity to your investment as a selling factor in case you decide to part ways with it in the future, and guarantees your investment’s authenticity.

 Sunshine Minting is clearly at the forefront of gold producers throughout the world.

1 oz Sunshine Minting Gold Bar

 Size, Denomination, and Design

The 1 oz Sunshine Minting gold bar contains 1 troy ounce of pure, 24 karat gold. This gold has a fineness of .9999, which means it is 99.99% pure, fine gold, and contains practically nothing else. This is the absolute standard for gold purity in the bullion market. The bar is 1.97 inches tall by 1.18 inches wide.

 The front side of the bar features a simple design with the Sunshine Minting logo at the top. The logo is a soaring eagle in front of a powerful setting sun, complete with several rays of light emitting from it. Written underneath the logo is “.9999 FINE GOLD,” as well as “1 OUNCE.” At the bottom of the front side, the serial number of the gold bar is engraved. Each 1 oz. Sunshine Minting gold bar features a unique serial number, adding even more security to your investment.

 On the reverse side, the Sunshine Minting logo is again featured, this time in a repeating diagonal fashion along the entire surface. At the middle of the reverse side is the security feature described above. The design is very sleek and appealing to anyone who sees it.


Value (or more specifically, value growth) is the primary reason that most people invest in a gold bar like the 1 oz. sunshine Minting gold bar. Because the bar is made of pure gold, and contains exactly one ounce, you can quickly approximate the bar’s value by looking up the most current price per ounce of gold. The value will fluctuate daily as gold’s price rises and falls. Gold has reached a price per ounce as high as the $1,900 range in 2011, though has come down from that in the subsequent. Regardless, many analysts agree that gold will once again rise to and surpass that record level. As gold’s price increases, so does your investment value.

 In addition, the 1 oz. Sunshine Minting gold bar’s condition plays a role in its overall value. As tempting as it is, we recommend you to avoid handling the gold bar with your bare hands to help keep it in its mint condition, and avoid and damage to the bar.

 The reputation of Sunshine Minting also impacts your investment’s value in a positive way. Should you decide to sell, buyers are more likely to purchase a Sunshine Minting gold bar than a gold bar produced by most other mints, because of its added security and trusted reputation for high quality products. 



The price you pay for a 1 oz. Sunshine Minting gold bar also depends on the current price per ounce of gold. One advantage to the price decline gold experienced in 2013 and 2014 is that it is less expensive to buy. Gold has essentially been on sale for the past two years, compared to the record price highs it went through in the years before. Thus, many people have taken advantage and purchased physical gold while the price has been low. This makes a purchase like a 1 oz. Sunshine Minting gold bar especially lucrative; you would have paid several hundred dollars more for the same product just a few years ago.

 Also, keep in mind that ITM Trading offers discounts when you purchase 3 or more 1 oz. Sunshine Minting gold bars, or even deeper discounts when you purchase 10 or more. You can also save money on your purchase when you use a wire, ACH, or check transaction method, rather than purchasing with a credit card. Free shipping and insurance is also included with every purchase you make, so you can be confident that your gold bar will arrive safely to you.

 Simply put, the 1 oz. Sunshine Minting gold bar is the product recommended by ITM Trading for those in the market for a gold bar of this size. For all the reasons listed above, this is just a superior product. Gold bars allow you to turn your wealth into physical assets, which are easier to store and manage than stock market holdings, and easier to pass on to future generations.

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1 oz Sunshine Gold Bar (w/ Assay Card)

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