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What the Newest Bank Failure and Q3 Numbers Mean for the Future

Breaking News Nov 8, 2023

As I previously mentioned following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in March, we are witnessing a troubling trend of more banks facing financial crises. In the latest development, Citizens Bank, a venerable institution with 94 years of history, has also succumbed to these challenges. This unfortunate event marks the fifth bank failure in the United States this year. In this video, we will explore the implications of these bank failures, along with recent data on Central Banks’ gold acquisitions in Q3. Together, these factors provide a clear indication of what the future may hold for the financial sector. Stay tuned as I delve into the role of the FDIC in these events and why the security of your money could be at risk if they face insolvency.


0:00 Another Bank Failure
3:00 Citizens Bank
4:38 Deposit Delays
8:46 Wall Street Invests Client Margin Under CFTC Plan
14:04 Path For More Financial Oversight
16:53 Losses on Investment Securities
20:46 Quarterly Changes in Deposits
22:53 DIF Reserve Ratios
27:14 Central Bank Demand For Gold
31:27 Get You Plan In Place



US Banking Crisis: Citizens Bank closed, FDIC appointed as receiver – Investing Abroad News | The Financial Express


Bank of America warns of banking industry deposit delays | CNN Business





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