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Declare Economic Freedom

A newsletter to help clear the air of monetary and economic confusion

Volume 2 of 12

Clear the Air of Monetary and Economic Confusion

Real Esate and Mortgage Industry Thought They were Making Easy Money

Why the National Debt and Trade Deficit is Good for Gold Prices

Volume 2 of 11

Long Term Potential for Gold Prices Per Ounce

Higher can the Fed Raise Rates without Tipping the U.S. Economy into a Recession

Price of Rare Gold Coins Could Outpace the Price of Gold Bullion

Volume 3 of 11

How Today’s Economic Crisis Compares to Debt and Deficits of the 1980s

The Relationship Between Dow Jones and Precious Metals like Gold coins, Platinum, and Sliver

OPEC Nations Switching Reserves Out of Dollars Into Other Currencies