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OFFICIAL GLOBAL PANDEMIC 2020: How to Secure Your Wealth Before it Disappears

As everything continues to get worse around the world economically (and with the coronavirus now effecting over 120 countries), people are asking a lot of questions about what to do, how to protect themselves, and how to secure their wealth…

IS CORONAVIRUS THE BLACK SWAN? Is Central Bank Money Printing the Cure

As of January 21st, China’s Communist Party confirmed 473 cases of the Coronavirus, mostly concentrated in Mainland China, Wuhan Provence, but the  world doubted the accuracy of what was reported, particularly since the method for counting confirmed cases keeps changing.…

If Everything is so Bad Why is the Stock Market so Good

29 Minutes 5 Seconds   Stock Market Manipulation Lynette Zang is the Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading. Lynette has been with ITM Trading since 2002. Lynette came to ITM Trading with quite a bit of market and life experience,…

Clues In The News You Need To Buy Gold: Clue #2

Just as a doctor may see cancer where others see only a mole, or a mechanic may see expensive repairs where others only see a drop of leaking oil, a Gold Trading Insider sees items and articles in the news…

Why I Love Gold and Silver and Hate Banks

For a while now it seems like the American dream has included for some reason a bank to finance the dream. In fact somewhere along the way it became American tradition to open a savings account for a child at…

The Potential And Realized Risks Of Holding An IRA

There are always risks involved when making long-term plans, especially when those plans center around money and an uncertain future. The truth is we as Americans tend to plan for the future we want and not necessarily for the future…

More Common Questions And Their Answers About Converting A Traditional IRA Into A Gold Backed IRA

During my time as a Senior Analyst at ITM Trading, I helped some of my clients rollover their Traditional or Simple IRA’s (Individual Retirement Accounts) into what is known as a Self Directed IRA that can hold approved forms of…

Common Questions And Their Answers About Converting A Traditional IRA Into A Gold Backed IRA

This article-blog is a companion piece to a few of the most recent article-blogs about Individual Retirement Accounts here on the ITM Trading web site. Perhaps you read a few of these articles and after realizing that a traditional IRA…

How Much Should I Contribute To My Individual Retirement Account (IRA) ?

First of all, let me state that this article-blog is meant to inform you and get you to think critically at the same time. Every long term financial plan should be carefully thought out and researched, the pros and cons…


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