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JP Morgan, BofA, Wells Fargo, and 20 other Banks to Give Away Your Money!

Peek Beneath the Skin of the Markets Jul 20, 2023

The banking system is in the process of changing. And if you don’t pay attention to these changes, you will be absolutely blind sighted when the outcome is in your face. I’m about to expose the complete illusion of the Fed stress test and guess what? 23 banks that participated will cost. I’m going to show you what they are not taking into account because they are now allowing money to come out of both the banks and the corporation. And the banks are corporations, after all. Which means that in this next upcoming crisis, they’re going to be dependent on taxpayer bailouts. The ratio of liquid assets to deposits in the banking sector has declined six straight months. It’s time people wake up and see what’s happening.


0:00 Banking Is Changing
1:43 Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste
4:09 Quarterly Net Income
6:56 Lenders Ace Stress Test
9:00 Quarterly Change In Deposits
14:13 Sheila Blair – Stress Test
20:54 Bank Loan Losses
22:30 Financial System Is Fragile
29:32 SVB Painful Lesson
33:29 ITM Client Story – New Banking Products?



Fixed Income – Bloomberg

Bank Giant Bigger Than Morgan Stanley Arises From India Merger – Bloomberg


Biggest Banks Pass Fed Stress Test But Still Face Higher Capital Requirements – Bloomberg

JPMorgan, Wells Fargo Lead Dividend Boosts After Stress Test – Bloomberg


Fixed Income – Bloomberg

US Banks Rely on an Expensive Fix to Declining Deposits Problem (bloomberg.com)

Big US banks to post largest rise in loan losses since pandemic | Financial Times (ft.com)


Did SVB and Signature Bank Depositors Forget That Bank Failures Are Common? – Bloomberg


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