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Is It Time to Buy or Sell? Analyzing Trend Cycles in Stocks, Real Estate, Gold, and Silver

Breaking News Oct 19, 2023

Daily I’m asked “should I buy now….should I sell now” and maybe you’ve been wondering the same thing. The mainstream financial pundits claim markets are random – but don’t buy it! Under the noise are cycles driven by monetary policy and human emotion and today we’re taking a closer look.

I’ll help you understand the accumulation, awareness, and panic phases driving markets. Understanding these cycles lets you see the manipulation. You’ll know when markets are bubbly, when crashes loom, and how to preserve wealth.

While I won’t say exactly what to do, I’ll show you the undeniable cycles playing out right now with stocks, real estate and what phase we’re currently in with gold and silver. From there you can decide what makes most sense for your goals….your strategy and your future. Coming up.


0:00 Should I Buy Or Sell
2:29 Trend Cycles & Investment Opportunities
7:29 Stock Markets
9:08 Commercial Real Estate
10:59 Residential Real Estate
14:29 Spot Silver & Spot Gold
18:05 Best Long Term Investment – Perception
22:34 Spot Gold
28:53 Yield Curve
30:43 Central Bank Gold Activity








Thumbnail Photo We believe that everyone deserves a properly developed strategy for financial safety.

Lynette Zang

Chief Market Analyst, ITM Trading


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