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How Sound Money Can Restore Your Vanishing Freedoms with Dr. Alma Ott & Lynette Zang

Breaking News Oct 24, 2023

We have a very special guest today, Dr. Alma True Ott. Now Dr. Ott was in Wall Street in 1984 as he trained in derivatives, including futures markets. He learned how America operated financially. At the end of his training he met Paul Volcker, the then chairman of the Federal Reserve, and let’s just say that after that meeting, he went on a 25-year quest to research and understand money and the power of the Central Banks, for a very good reason.


0:00 Dr. Alma True Ott
4:54 Paul Volcker
8:37 War
17:35 Owner of Gold?
24:41 Coinage Act
31:14 Gold’s Frequency


Dr. Alma True Ott (00:00):

Have you ever asked yourself the question, why is gold valuable? Why is silver a sound, money, gold and silver? Why is it valuable to begin with? Right? Why not a magnesium rod or a magnesium coin, or a calcium coin? I’m a mother earth minerals guy, right? I make mineral supplements. So I deal in pure, whether it’s calcium or zinc or or whatever, copper. What makes the, it’s still a mineral from the earth. What makes gold, gold? Valuable? I’m gonna ask that question for your listeners

Lynette Zang (00:42):

Today. On a very special episode of Coffee with Lynette, I have a returning guest, Dr. Alma True Ott. Now, Dr. Ott was in Wall Street in 1984, and he was trained in derivatives, futures, mutual funds, all of this stuff. But he had an experience with Paul Volcker as we were making this transition from a, at least a quasi gold back system into the debt-based system that we’re in today. I hope you get as much out of this as I did, Dr. Ott. Thank you so much for coming. There’s so much going on in the world today. And the first thing I wanna ask you is, do you see, with your experience back at the last transition from a gold backed, or at least a quasi gold backed currency to a debt-based currency, do you see parallels in what’s happening today?

Dr. Alma True Ott (01:44):

Well, absolutely. Yes. And thanks for having me, Lynette. I’m a big fan of what you’re doing. You’re, you’re, you’re right on top of so much, and, and thank you for your work. I gotta say that upfront. Yes, absolutely. As you see the transition from money as defined by, you know, just, just the definition, sound money versus fiat money, fiat currency. What is money you see? And if you don’t have that basis, what do you really have you ultimately descend into tyranny and anarchy.

Lynette Zang (02:18):

Right? So what is money for viewers that maybe didn’t see our first video or, you know, because it’s not something that they teach you in school, is it?

Dr. Alma True Ott (02:29):

Well, absolutely not. And <laugh> Yeah, that’s what’s so funny. In fact the, the school education is a whole nother topic for another discussion. How it’s just kind of, kind of de debased as much as our, our phony currency has been debased. People aren’t even getting the idea of what is economic theory? What is the economy, what is it based on? And it’s a fact, Lynette, and you can verify this with all of your research and your, your, your training. If you go to a complete fiat type of, of, of free for all, you know, like your, your money gun that you show, right?

Lynette Zang (03:06):


Dr. Alma True Ott (03:07):

<Laugh> for, for, it’s a <laugh>. There it is, it’s a recipe for prosperity in a big way for a short term,.

Lynette Zang (03:16):


Dr. Alma True Ott (03:17):

It’s going to make people feel like, wow, the merchants of the earth rule, the Bill Gates of the world, world rule, the, the Mark Zuckerberg’s, etcetera, etcetera. The Jeff Bezos, they rule, but under what basis? It’s, it’s all a mirage. Yeah. It’s all fiction.

Lynette Zang (03:39):

Yeah. So, ’cause you can’t, you can only create the semblance of wealth with debt until you have to really repay that debt, which is what the monetary system’s based on.

Dr. Alma True Ott (03:51):

Exactly. There’s always, you’re gonna have to pay the piper sometime.

Lynette Zang (03:56):

And that’s, do you think that that’s, now

Dr. Alma True Ott (03:58):

It has to be, it. Ha, it’s, it’s, it, it, I thought it was that way in 2008, frankly, I thought that with the unraveling of the, I thought that the domino would fall with the subprime mortgage failing. Okay. And I thought in my opinion that that would lead to the derivative bubble to burst. And I think I was preparing back in 2008 to go back to basics and go back to sound money. To that end, I, I began trying to, to build a secure base myself and have others join in as, and that’s, I guess you can know what I’m talking about with that, right? Going back to, to, to have sound money based on sound principles. Right.

Lynette Zang (04:44):

Well, governments, you know, have a tendency not to like, to do that, because that puts restrictions around their spending and their wealth transfer. Right?

Dr. Alma True Ott (04:54):

Exactly. Exactly. I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship back to Wall Street. This was back in 1980 something up. I’m not so sure of the exact date. Okay. But at the end of that six week training session in Wall Street, we were, we were at the, at the marquee Marriott on Broadway, top of the, I mean, top of the food chain. We, we had the, the final speaker that came to address this was Paul Volcker, chairman of the Federal Reserve. And in a nutshell, he, he basically blew my mind, frankly. ’cause here, I, I’ve been trained on how to, how to do mutual funds, how to, how to do FX trading and the whole nine yards, how to make millions. Really. But at the end of the day, here’s Volcker telling me it doesn’t matter. This is all paper. He, he has said, you, until you put it into gold, you have nothing.

Lynette Zang (05:51):


Dr. Alma True Ott (05:52):

And this whole, whole message was giving us connections to buy the, whether it was Kru Grands or Maple Leafs or whatever in the, in the mint Series editions and having them put offshore. And that just was so what I spend six weeks learning how to do mutual funds and how to analyze stocks and bonds and, and all of that, when in the, at the end of the day, he’s telling me, this is all paper. It doesn’t matter. You take, and he actually used the term goi. This is for the consumption of the goi, not for you. Now, what is that? I, I had, it was not part of my vernacular, but I learned what it meant. And so I just said, well, okay. Good advice. But I honestly thought, Lynette, that chairman Volcker was a little bit old and eccentric and didn’t, wasn’t with the times.

Lynette Zang (06:49):


Dr. Alma True Ott (06:50):

Okay. Nice bit of advice, but he doesn’t know what we know. You know, isn’t

Lynette Zang (06:58):

That this time is different, right? Yeah. This time is different.

Dr. Alma True Ott (07:02):

Yeah. It was like, get what the time is the old fogey type of thing. That’s, that’s what I thought in my, in my, my selfish pride. Okay. But looking back, the old, you know, you always hear the term that hindsight is 2020.

Lynette Zang (07:17):


Dr. Alma True Ott (07:17):

Well, absolutely. I look back, if I had followed his advice and put all of my holdings into precious gold offshore, I would be multi multimillionaire right now today. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, there’s no doubt about it. Mm-Hmm.

Lynette Zang (07:37):


Dr. Alma True Ott (07:38):

Instead, I thought I knew better and played the paper game and took a big bath in 2008. I was heavy into Subprimes and ’cause that’s where the big, the low hanging fruit is. The big money was there.

Lynette Zang (07:51):


Dr. Alma True Ott (07:52):

So yeah, he was right then. And frankly, Lynette, you’re right now. Okay. The whole message is sound money.

Lynette Zang (08:03):

It’s is.

Dr. Alma True Ott (08:04):

It’s, it’s the only thing that matters.

Lynette Zang (08:07):

Well, it’s the only thing that lasts for centuries. Yeah. Nothing else really lasts that long. The, the fiat the paper money, the money that takes no effort to create Right. Takes no effort to create this. And guess what? It costs as much to create a $1 bill as it does a hundred dollar bill

Dr. Alma True Ott (08:29):

Or a hundred thousand dollars bill as he, as he, he went in and actually burnt it to light his cigar with

Lynette Zang (08:35):

Exactly. But I wanna take you back to 2008 because like you, I also, and there was no doubt in my mind that the system died. And then they used this little trick of mm-hmm. <Affirmative> dropping interest rates to zero for at least for corporations and banks and printing a whole lot of free money to make it appear that the system was still okay, and they had fixed the problem. But in my opinion, and I wanna ask your opinion on this, all they did was paper over it to buy them time to get the next system in place. The CBDCs

Dr. Alma True Ott (09:24):

Absolutely. A hundred percent concur with that. A hundred percent quality and quantitative easing. 1, 2, 3, 4. It’s just flooding paper. That’s all it is. It’s, it’s the equivalent of putting a bandaid on a, on a pulsating wound of, of an artery. Okay. It may look like it’s okay, but it’s bleeding the people dry. And that’s what’s happened. We face that now. So there’s, in looking at historic historicity going back into and, and the fiat money exchange, the thing that really makes fiat work historically for, at least for a time being that the transition phase is war.

Lynette Zang (10:14):

Thank you. That was one of the things that I also wanted to bring up. Go ahead. Keep going.

Dr. Alma True Ott (10:18):

Yeah. So we see that the, the world is shaping up just this much like it did in the 1930s before World War II. A gentleman named Albert Pike wrote a letter to Giuseppe Memini. It was, it, this was well documented. It was in the British Museum, the series of, of letters and Albert Pike outlined the, the three major world wars and how it would unfold and why the third World War would be the, the, to fight the world into utter exhaustion, making it such a, a terrible cataclysm that everybody would just roll over and do whatever the power brokers wanted, which is really what we’re talking about here. An elite few that have sold out their birthright.

Lynette Zang (11:13):

I agree with that a hundred percent. Because if you’re dependent upon this crap, you know? Yeah. Then, then when that, when they take that away, when it, it has no purchasing power value, it’s just the confidence that keeps it in circulation, and people still willing to work with it. And when they created this scheme, they knew that people marry the legal money of the state. So it’s been pretty easy. And they don’t tell you what money is. They, they don’t teach that they should teach that in grade school, but then nobody would cooperate <laugh>. And, you know, we are watching, because I do have to make this comment on the war between Hamas and Israel. What’s going on there? It’s, it’s horrendous. But I do also look at, you know, the war between Russia and Ukraine as well. And war is something that always accompanies these currency regime shifts because it distracts you and it also justifies, right? So now I’m reading Yeah, I’m, I’m reading headlines and saying, oh, well, this war will tip the world into recession. The world is already in or headed toward recession with the bond bubble, with that debt bubble that they began to create back in the seventies and ramped up, pushing interest rates to zero and now rapidly spiking them. So can you comment on your feeling on where we are in that debt bubble popping? Because basically, like Mohammed El-Arian the other day said, treasury bonds, which are the foundation of the global system, have lost all anchors. So, can can you comment on that?

Dr. Alma True Ott (13:10):

I go back to what Volcker said, and I quote, it may not happen in my lifetime. He said, quote, I’ll never forget this, ’cause it just, it just seared in my conscience. He said, but it probably will happen in your lifetime when this, he held up another a hundred thousand dollars note

Lynette Zang (13:29):


Dr. Alma True Ott (13:30):

Will be no more valuable than this, and has held up a George Washington $1 bill. Now I thought a lot about that on my flight home back to Utah. What is, how could that be? What would make that happen where a hundred thousand dollars note would be just the same paper as a $1 bill? Well, think about it. It has to be a orchestrated system of cataclysms to make people totally give up that system.

Lynette Zang (14:00):

Well, and inflation.

Dr. Alma True Ott (14:01):


Lynette Zang (14:01):

I mean, inflation and hyperinflation is built into this system so they can rob you without you being aware of who’s really orchestrating this.

Dr. Alma True Ott (14:13):

Yeah. Just like Zimbabwe, I mean, very, very mineral rich country in Africa. I have here on my desk $1 trillion Zimbabwe note. Right? It <laugh>. There you go. If you have,

Lynette Zang (14:28):

Yeah. I mean, here’s a whole bunch of ’em, including a gold certificate and a silver certificate.

Dr. Alma True Ott (14:35):

Again, it goes back to paper. You can’t print it fast enough and goes, you know, the story of, of the German mark right? At the in the 1920s, people having to be paid twice a day to get to the, get the, the store and buy their bread and their brauhaus. Right. Because it was so hyperinflationary, a loaf of bread would cost a wheelbarrow full of Marx. Right? Right. One thing about gold and silver, it’s finite.

Lynette Zang (15:02):


Dr. Alma True Ott (15:03):

You cannot go make gold. You can’t have a, have a gold machine.

Lynette Zang (15:10):

You know, you can look at the reported gold stores, and I’ve gone in and, and read the early days of the Federal Reserve and this transfer. But it was also changing what back to the current currency that enabled them to create a whole lot more that could then be set up to be debased. But in war a a lot of the gold from Europe came to the US.

Dr. Alma True Ott (15:42):

That’s, yeah. And that’s, but the Bread and Woods agreement and all that before the World War was even concluded, it, it set up the American US Federal Reserve note as a reserve currency. And you’re right. So there was a lot of, it’s a lot of transfer of the real wealth. Right. But then you see in testimony with Ron Paul with the Federal Reserve chair just a few years ago, they said, we don’t own any gold. The Federal Reserve has no gold reserves, whether that was lying under oath or whatever, but I think it was, it’s been transferred out.

Lynette Zang (16:13):

Oh. And it’s been turned into derivatives. I mean, leasing, I don’t care what they say. Nobody really knows how much gold the US owns. And they can say any, or any, any other place for that matter. You think we’re really getting any kind of honest accounting.

Dr. Alma True Ott (16:31):

Tell you, going back to, to my night in my event there in New York City was part of our, our key to the city type of thing. We were given a full basement to top of the, of the Twin Towers tour of the World Trade Centers. And you know, little bit of information at the base of the World Trade Center, there was this massive repository of precious metals, primarily gold. We were taken down there and just shown the vault. Of course, we weren’t able to go in there and physically see the gold, but I tell you, there was a massive amount there. Makes me wonder what happened to that when the, when the Twin Towers collapsed, was it moved out before or was it salvaged afterwards? Who knows?

Lynette Zang (17:16):

Who knows?

Dr. Alma True Ott (17:16):

It was ground zero. Nobody got in there.

Lynette Zang (17:18):

Right. You’re not gonna know. And you, and the other part is, and I see a parallel with this too, is you may have seen a massive amount of gold, but who was the real owner of that gold, right? Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>.

Dr. Alma True Ott (17:34):


Lynette Zang (17:35):

Who’s the real owner of that gold? And so today, if you hold everything on your cell phone, it’s really easy to transfer because that’s what they want. They want all titles. I mean, this is, this is what they say. I don’t, you know, I don’t pretend to know anymore than what I can research and read and, and give an opinion. But you hold all your titles on that phone, and they employ the most brilliant minds in psychology and psychiatry to manage how you perceive things so that those that manage to accumulate any equity in their assets, it’s easily spent. Right? Yeah. We’re, we’re consumer driven. Exactly. It’s easily spent. And then who are you gonna blame? I mean, I’ve seen so many, you know, like mom and pop owners that end up going bankrupt. I mean, look at what just happened recently through, you know, 2020 and beyond to the mom and pops, the middle class of the world. And that’s really started back in 2000. But they’ve been absolutely decimated so that all that wealth transfer business transferred to the top and the mom and pops are gone. Or they’re forced to work for the top, like Amazon. Right? So that’s by design.

Dr. Alma True Ott (19:08):

I had, I did a series of interviews on my, my show Lynette with a guy named John DeSouza I want you to remember that name. And this is what, what the basic message of John DeSouza is, America, you better wake up, or we won’t have an America.

Lynette Zang (19:30):


Dr. Alma True Ott (19:30):

I mean, that’s the bottom line here. Do we want a safe haven for our posterity for our kids and grandkids and great, great-grandkids? We better wake up and <laugh>, is it too late? I hope not. I, you know, the guy.

Lynette Zang (19:52):

I don’t think it is. I don’t think it is.

Dr. Alma True Ott (19:54):

Look at why. Have you ever asked yourself the question, why is gold valuable? Why is silver as sound, money, gold and silver? Why is it valuable to begin with? Right? Why not a magnesium rod or a magnesium coin, or a calcium coin? I’m a mother earth minerals guy, right? I make a mineral supplements. So I deal in pure, whether it’s calcium or zinc or, or whatever, copper. What makes the, it’s still a mineral from the earth. What makes gold, gold valuable? I’m gonna ask that question for your listeners to ponder on. Think about it. First of all, it’s limited, right? And you can, you can’t manufacture any of the elements synthetically. You can refine them. You can go and dig ’em outta the earth and refine ’em and purify ’em, make ’em 24k gold. And then you can stamp ’em with the coins and they’re valuable. And that what makes ’em valuable, I submit, is because of the Hebrew word for gold is the word Zahab. Zahab, there’s a lot in the words of, of what the Hebrews named the substance. Okay? Gold doesn’t, rust doesn’t, I mean, it is always shiers and shines. It’s basically eternal. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>, right? It, you can melt it and turn it into liquid, but then it hardens. And it’s just, it is, it is universal. That’s why it makes, it makes it such a beautiful thing.

Lynette Zang (21:35):

And the fact that they have never been able to duplicate the qualities in either gold or silver in a lab, and that it is used globally across every single sector of the global economy. I mean, you know.

Dr. Alma True Ott (21:55):

As the anchor, as the anchor.

Lynette Zang (21:56):

Exactly. And look at what the central banks are doing on a global basis. You know, we talked about how much gold there is that you saw in the in the Twin Towers in the basement when you went on that tour. But again, who owns it really? And how many derivatives, how many Wall Street tools are derived from that? And then just put out there, 2008 died. You were right. It was a derivative, implosion. It was the second one after long-term capital management back in, what, 98. So we’ve got a third one that has to be exploding right now, because so much of the derivatives, these speculative bets, which is how the banks are making their money, and oh, by the way, bank of America definitely came out and said they don’t expect to lose anything on their held to maturity bonds. Right. <laugh> the treasuries where it should be obvious.

Lynette Zang (23:09):

And maybe it’s, what do you call it? <Laugh>

Dr. Alma True Ott (23:11):

I call it hell to maturity not held <laugh>.

Lynette Zang (23:15):

I think, I think you’re right. But hey, how stable is it? Because a trillion times zero. Zero. So if you hold a trillion dollars and you can’t convert it into any goods and services that you need, what’s it worth going back to Zimbabwe? I mean, or Venezuela

Dr. Alma True Ott (23:36):

Perhaps ink and the paper on it is all that’s, that’s value. Again, going back to what, what Volcker told me, right. Is gonna come. And the reason why he said that, Lynette, is because he was debriefed on that. He knows, he knows the whole mm-hmm. <Affirmative> plan by the bankster masters. Mm-Hmm.

Dr. Alma True Ott (23:56):

Okay. He knows it’s coming. He just couldn’t tell you exactly when. So we see that’s where its heading.

Lynette Zang (24:03):

These things can’t happen quickly where people notice it’s the frog in the pot of water, that these things happen slowly enough that the sickness becomes your norm. So the inflation becomes your norm. And, and you don’t remember it. But you and I are of the same age category, and I remember quite clearly when inflation was a bad word as we were transitioning into the new system. So I wanna take us full circle ’cause we’re running outta time.

Dr. Alma True Ott (24:40):

Oh, wow.

Lynette Zang (24:41):

And I, you know, and I want your final words on what you see happening today that you saw happening back in the seventies and the eighties when they were taking us into turning us into debt slaves and where they’re gonna take us, in your opinion, with the CBDCs.

Dr. Alma True Ott (25:06):

Right? Yeah. When Lyndon B. LBJ after the death of Kennedy, first thing he signed into executive order into law was to basically de-botch the currency into the clat coins. He basically cut the anchor rope to the balloon. And we’ve been free floating ever since. That was, to me, an act of high treason.

Lynette Zang (25:32):


Dr. Alma True Ott (25:33):

The 1793 Coinage Act had not been revoked. It was still enforced. Right. And read that carefully, ladies and gentlemen. The 1793 coinage, Jack said, you, you de botched the currency, you are guilty of a felony, which is death. It’s a death sentence. There was no messing around with people that de botched the currency up until LBJ.

Lynette Zang (25:57):

Right. And then he even came out and said that anybody that attempts to accumulate the silver Yeah. That, that our government <laugh>, I mean, it’s in the history. You could go to the Whitehouse.gov and you can see where he tells people that they will manipulate the price of silver to destroy anybody that tries to accumulate it.

Dr. Alma True Ott (26:20):

Yes. And so, this is absolutely not by design. And, and you look at what happened in with, with JFK leading up to his demise, he was making war, literally him and Bobby both against these Federal reserve banksters. He had, he had ordered the silver certificate, the $2 bill coming out. He had ordered the treasury to start backing the currency with silver again. And he’d been ordered not to do that. He was ordered to de-botch the currency, to get the freefall happening. He said, no, this is what he, he, he spoke at Columbia University about this. You remember, he says, there’s a, there’s this massive conspiracy that I will not be a part of. Remember that? Am I, I’m paraphrasing what he actually said. And, and a dark day for America, frankly, when he was assassinated and the LBJ brought in the, the, the botch currency. It was, we’ve, that’s our downward slope in my opinion since then. But what is kesef, what does that mean in the Hebrew? It literally means liberty. It means there was it’s jubilee. People don’t understand this, but in the Hebrew tradition, every seven years was a year of jubilee. Okay. That you all debts were forgiven. All usery all debts started from scratch. Okay. And the basis of this was the liberty silver coinage that they were using the checkouts that has to happen in America. And I mean, what is the national debt? For heaven’s sakes.

Dr. Alma True Ott (27:59):

It’s a piece of paper that means nothing. ’cause It’s based on statutory fraud.

Lynette Zang (28:04):

Right. And the ability to do that. Yeah.

Dr. Alma True Ott (28:07):

Constructive fraud. <Laugh>, we never voted this in. There was nothing that said we had to, to bind our whole lives and our future and our posterity to a bunch of of paper contracts. Right.

Lynette Zang (28:22):


Dr. Alma True Ott (28:22):

We weren’t given that choice. We the people weren’t Lynette.

Lynette Zang (28:25):


Dr. Alma True Ott (28:26):

You must declare a year of Jubilee. What would happen if, if, if they called a war and nobody showed up. Yeah.

Lynette Zang (28:34):

Wouldn’t that be interesting? And what would happen if they introduced CBDCs and nobody used ’em. <Laugh>.

Dr. Alma True Ott (28:40):

Exactly. And, and there are people in Congress that are fighting the CBDC takeover.

Lynette Zang (28:46):

The point that I really want to stress is the freedom part, because they are doing everything and have been doing everything to reduce and reduce and reduce our freedoms. And going into a full surveillance currency where they can dictate what you can buy, how much of it you can buy, how long it has any value to buy anything at all. Right. To yeah. To reduce by making, forcing you to deposit your paychecks into the bank, where immediately they have their finger on the button to negative interest rates because they’ve already removed all the purchasing power value from this stuff. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>. Right? That’s not true with this stuff. This stuff retains its purchasing power value, and it’ll retain your freedom. Your freedom is everything. And you need Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community and Shelter to survive what they have and really retain your freedom, retain your choices.

Dr. Alma True Ott (30:06):

Your autonomy, which is really what it’s all about. Thank you.

Lynette Zang (30:09):

Yes it is.

Dr. Alma True Ott (30:10):

At the end of day. Yeah. Your choices of what, more importantly, what you do with your own body.

Lynette Zang (30:16):

Yeah. I mean, legally we have no, we have no right over our mind. We have to impart our experience and our knowledge and our wisdom because these generations have grown up with the electronics and they, and the giving up their privacy and giving up their choices. And they don’t know the difference because they haven’t lived through it. But we have, so Dr. Ott, you and I have the most important job in anybody in our generation to help this other generation retain their freedom and the rights over their own bodies and the rights over their own brains and those generations to come. We have the big job, no doubt about it. And I agree. I’m just getting started too.

Dr. Alma True Ott (31:14):


Lynette Zang (31:14):

For me, if, for people, if they want to retain their freedom, not, I mean, you and I were old. We’ve got the third of our lives, but our kids, our grandkids, our great-grandkids, that’s who I’m fighting for. And when you ask, well, how do you do it? You do it by being as self-sufficient and independent so that you don’t need their fiat. Right?

Dr. Alma True Ott (31:40):

Let me leave something with you. As we know, we’re ending, ending time. My doctoral dissertation that started my company Mother Earth Minerals. I was a student of Dr. Linus Pauling in 1948, he wrote, authored a paper and he won two Nobel Prizes in his life, right? Dr. Pauling’s paper was called ‘Resonance.’ My doctoral dissertation under his tutelage was called ‘Harmonic Resonance.’ In which I bring out a postulation that give me the atomic weight of anything on the periodic table or any known element. And it, and it has a resonant frequency. That’s what makes it work. Okay? Mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, we know what, we see what’s happening with gold metal detectors. This, the electronics can speculate, oh, this is actual gold versus Ferris iron. Right. Right. It’s the frequency that it’s pulsing and the electronics are allow allowed to do that. My point is, there was a specific frequency of gold that I mapped, and I’ve written this in, in a book form in papers. Okay. Using, measuring that harmonic frequency of 24 carat pure gold in its resonant frequency. And you go and take an EEG measurement of a mother’s love for her child, that love frequency matches the gold frequency.

Lynette Zang (33:06):

Wow. I did not know that. That is so interesting.

Dr. Alma True Ott (33:10):

It is actually the love of God that rules the world because love of a creator to us, his creations is what gives us that freedom. Okay? He loves us enough to let us be free, to make our own bump ahead, bump our head against the wall. We learn from that. That’s how we learn. We’re free to make the mistakes and to go forward and be better and more in the refiner’s fire and return to him. Okay. That’s what it’s, am I talking about spirituality? That’s what I’m talking about. But gold is that frequency matching what I seen think is the most powerful force in the universe. A mother’s inherent love for her child.

Lynette Zang (33:58):

Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>

Dr. Alma True Ott (34:00):

Now you can see it in nature. Mothers that have something about a mother that truly loves a child. They, they can almost superhuman strength to protect that child. There’s no more dangerous animal in the world than a cow moose that’s separated from a calf.

Lynette Zang (34:19):


Dr. Alma True Ott (34:20):

That cow moose will kick your butt 10 times from Sunday and stomp you to the ground to your dust.

Lynette Zang (34:27):


Dr. Alma True Ott (34:27):

That’s the power of love. And it matches the frequency of gold. Just wanna say that. So, and, and leaving this, you know, where do we get the tradition of putting a gold wedding band on our ring finger? And it happens to think that frequency goes into the, to the artery, going directly to the artery, to your heart. Isn’t that interesting? It’s a frequency measurement of love, that you have a commitment to a significant other spouse, and you commit to have that for better or for worse till death of your part. And that’s what binds you. That’s the energy field that binds you. It’s a covenant between you and your spouse and your creator. That’s what the wedding thing is all about, <laugh>. Yeah. And, and that’s, that’s how we battle it. See, that’s our battle that we have to face. We, you and I and everybody that has ears to hear sound, money is the answer. It was the answer 5,000 years ago. It’s the answer. 5,000 years in the future. Yes. And don’t let these evil ones take that away from you. That knowledge of what Zahab gold and Kesef silver means love and liberty. You with me?

Lynette Zang (35:47):

Yeah. Love and liberty.

Lynette Zang (35:50):

I totally agree.

Dr. Alma True Ott (35:50):

What else is there Lynette?

Lynette Zang (35:52):

Exactly. That’s everything. And I do know what a mother’s love is because this is, this has been my battle, really, my whole life. And, you know, I’m not particularly religious, but I am extremely spiritual and I have felt guided my entire life.

Dr. Alma True Ott (36:13):

One at a time. One, one person at a time makes a difference. So I told you we’re kindred spirits, right? Yeah. And this ’cause listen, and this is what I want. Wanna leave with the last, the last words so I can.

Lynette Zang (36:25):


Dr. Alma True Ott (36:26):

Religion divides people by design. It divides people.

Dr. Alma True Ott (36:33):

Spirituality unites people. That’s a True-ism.

Lynette Zang (36:38):


Dr. Alma True Ott (36:38):

That’s a Dr. True-ism.

Lynette Zang (36:40):

You mean goosebumps. You’ve given me goosebumps a few times during this interview, Dr. Ott. Yeah.

Dr. Alma True Ott (36:44):

Goosebumps are a sign of spirituality, connection to source. Lynette and spirituality unites religions divide no matter what it is. And it’s time to put, there’s a favorite song that I helped pin up in, in finding who you are. You give up all your religions. You give up your religions to find the one true God, and that means a relationship with him. A love as a hub, a connection, a covenant. And once you do that, what matters? What else matters in this world? Because, you know, we’re all going to, I don’t know, anybody that’s get out, gets out of this world alive. Okay? You’re gonna, you’re gonna pass away and you’re gonna move along. But what you leave for others is, is what you’re gonna be judged with, period.

Lynette Zang (37:36):


Dr. Alma True Ott (37:36):

That’s your legacy.

Lynette Zang (37:38):

So, that’s right. And we have a choice. And I think too, in that spirituality piece, I mean, there, there are definitely more of us than there are of them that wanna control us point.

Dr. Alma True Ott (37:50):


Lynette Zang (37:51):

So if we come together in community, which I really realize that’s the real message for me out here is, is building this community and coming together, then we can retain that our choices, we can retain our liberties and our freedoms and our love. We, we can retain that. Yes. I have a lot of hope. I’m not just gonna go, oh, well they’re gonna do this and I’m just gonna comply because I don’t have any choice. Yes, we have choices. Let’s make those choices while we can. Dr. Ott, thank you.

Dr. Alma True Ott (38:27):

To coin another last term. Okay. <Laugh> field of dreams, right? Mm-Hmm.

Lynette Zang (38:32):


Dr. Alma True Ott (38:33):

You build it, they will come.

Lynette Zang (38:36):

Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>,

Dr. Alma True Ott (38:36):

You build it, they will come. People know there’s a problem, Lynette.

Lynette Zang (38:42):

Yes. They do.

Dr. Alma True Ott (38:43):

The hearted people of whether, whether you’re Democrat or Republican or independent,

Lynette Zang (38:47):


Dr. Alma True Ott (38:48):

Political parties are like religion. They divide people. They don’t need to be. Yes. We, we, we have be under, under one human flesh. Okay? We are building something that is the basis foundation. You build this, they will come. They don’t know why or where. But when this thing hits the fan in a big way, it says, going to do, we have to have a building that they will come to and flock to. Does that make sense?

Lynette Zang (39:15):

That makes all the sense in the world. All the sense in the world.

Dr. Alma True Ott (39:19):

Thanks for your time for having me.

Lynette Zang (39:20):

Oh, thank you so much for being here today. I’ve gotten a lot of goosebumps, like I said, and you know, for everybody that’s watching all of the links to Dr. Ott and your books and all of that will be below. This is a plan, and we have our own plan. And you protect yourself with gold and silver as well as Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, although anything physical and any talent you have is also barterable. Wealth Preservation, Community, arguably the most important part of anything that I ever talk about. Because we need to come together to say, no, we have a choice. We can say no.

Dr. Alma True Ott (40:09):


Lynette Zang (40:10):

And Shelter. These are the things that we need. So please, people take heeded, get it done. And please, till next we meet. Be safe out there. Bye-Bye.



Website: www.meminerals.com


Wellness Secrets For Life – An Owners Manual For the Human Body by Dr. Ott: https://www.meminerals.com/catalog/wellness-secrets-for-life-fourth-edition/


True Ott PhD: Money Mechanics 1 of 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IZ-x-nv5BI

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