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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Jim H: Lynette interviewed Egon and he commented that gold and silver were going to reset in the next six months. What did they mean by the term reset?

Question 2. Paul F: Some people, I believe Greg M included, think that the Fed can forestall hyperinflation if they keep money velocity close to zero. Is that possible?

Question 3. Nate S: If I were to buy farm land after the reset, what would stop the government from raising the property taxes so high I couldn’t afford to pay them year over year?

Question 4. Lisa K: I keep reading that the Libor change over scheduled for the end of 2020 is going to be delayed. Any truth to that?

Question 5. Monique P: Let’s say I started with $500,000 in cash and mutual funds. And I decide to buy $125,000 in gold.  So I have 25% of my assets in physical gold.  Will I only have the equivalent of $125,000 purchasing power when the reset happens?  Meaning, it held its value, but I didn’t actually end up higher than where I started. Or because you say it is severely undervalued, I should have much more in purchasing value than the 125,000 after the reset?