Happy days are here again, global central banks and the Fed have announced they would provide all the money drugs the stock markets want.

The US and Iran came within 10 minutes to a “miscalculation” that could have started WWIII.

And spot gold broke out as the short-term cup that began early in 2018 came to conclusion, with the spot market set to fill a gap created in 2013. What is this really telling us? That we are very near the next financial crisis, in fact we may have been within minutes had President Trump not stopped retaliation for Iran’s shooting down a US drone…by accident.

But the big question that everyone wants to know is what kind of gold should I buy? Personally, first I seek the long-term positive trend, because that is where I want most of my wealth. Then, for the growth portion of my portfolio, I look for the most unloved area in that positive trend.

No doubt, for me the most unloved segment of the gold market are the better dated gold coins. Call today and speak to one of our experts and find out how these fit into your strategy.

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