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Don’t Lose Sight of What’s Really Happening…by LYNETTE ZANG

Breaking News Mar 1, 2022

With everything happening with Russia and the media’s shift to war talk, I have one word for you…misdirection. This isn’t a new process and I’ve been talking about this moment for years, mainly because it repeats itself throughout history like clockwork. This video will tell you everything you need to know at this time

A lot of people wondered last week why I did two videos in the same day, something I have really not done before all about the Russia & Ukraine war. Well, this week, I’m gonna tell you why, because what it indicates to me is something that I want to show you. This is gonna be two part video, but frankly, with everything happening with Russia and the media shift to war talk, I have one word for you…misdirection. This isn’t a new process. And I’ve been talking about this moment for so many years, mainly because it repeats itself throughout history like clockwork. So this video and the subsequent part two will tell you everything you need to know at this point in time to get ready, coming up.
I’m Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst here at ITM Trading, a full service, physical gold and silver dealer specializing in custom strategies and planning for goodness sakes, because you need to do this ahead of time. And I’m gonna show you how Russia has done that, but you need to get into position before anything really bad happens. Although I gotta tell you this to me is an indication of how close we are because history has a tendency to repeat itself. And it rhymes too. We’ll talk more about that. But when they first installed the federal reserve, we had world war. I then again in Bretton Woods. Well, we had World War II and that’s when the whole financial system changed, in World War I we went onto the Fiat money system, that’s when the federal reserve was born in World War II. That’s when the world gave the power to the U.S. as the world reserve currency, with our promise that we would back the dollar. Well it was is quasi backed by gold at $35 an ounce.
And then of course we had the Vietnam war and not only did the world go off of gold, the gold standard, but also which I didn’t put up here. Johnson took the silver out of the coinage and handed over full control role of inflation to central banks. So, you know, I have so much respect for Ron Paul. Fortunately, I’m so grateful that I got to actually be on the same venue with him, which is pretty amazing to me, cause this is a great man, but this is true. This statement is true. It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with a century of central banking. And I did a study of a number of years ago. And you could see how the time between wars became more and more, or I should say rather less and less and less distance.
So let’s take, let’s take a look at the distraction and the justification of war and understand that I’m not justifying or taking sides on anything. I think the loss of life and what’s happening is horrendous, but it is a way to shift your focus cause now that’s every, that’s what everybody’s primarily talking about. So let’s take a look at that because first, okay, historically governments would move away from the gold standard to fund the wars and we can see it here in the revolutionary war. And then there was a whole bunch of years between that and the war of 1812. And oh, by the way, I should have taken this out beforehand. So please forgive me with this one. But I actually have some of that. I have a Confederate note in here. Here it is. Okay. I don’t know if you can see it, but yeah, you can see it pretty good. All right. This is not good money anymore. Okay. So the, the revolutionary war and then the civil war, which is what this is applicable to, and we have states, I have lots of different currencies here and these are all Fiat monies that were not backed by gold and went into hyperinflation to fund the war. And by the way, did people have gold during that time? No, it was taken away. We just don’t talk about that. But then the federal reserve act of 1913 to present, and I think you can see the level of inflation and remember this is official. So it’s kind of almost a joke, but then we went on to a silver certificate. This is a silver certificate. Okay. And ultimately we went on to the dollar standard.
Okay. So we went off gold and then of course we just have this funny money, but one thing I’d like to point out to you is how closely can we go big for this one? How closely these two bills rep look to each other. This was on the gold standard. This is on the debt based standard and look at how similar they are. They know they have to keep things as close to normal, as possible in order to make this transition and get you to comply. I’m telling you right now, you don’t wanna comply. And I will say that I think what’s what’s happening in the currency situations right now in the monetary circumstance is very interesting. And we’ll come back to that.
Okay. So now we’re off the gold standard and I’ve gotta tell you there’s that little dollar bill, the world has been, or the U.S. anyway, has been in a perpetual state of war since 1987. And I think you can even tell from this graph how the distance between wars became once we went off the gold standard, more and more narrow until we’re just perpetually in the state of war. That’s what justifies money printing. That’s what, that’s what justifies a lot of things. And this time will be no different in my strong opinion. You know, World War III, I’ve got a question mark up there, but frankly, doesn’t this look like a World War III to you? And there’s so many different tools that we have today to fight a World War III than we did in the other earlier wars. But the reality is this. When the public loses confidence in the system, that’s what this high inflation is about. Now, look, it’s all gonna be about the war that’s what’s causing all of this inflation, but they can’t fight it because also the economy is still struggling. It was struggling before the cerveza issue that we’ve been dealing with for a long time, it’s struggling now and it’s certainly struggling before the war that we’re dealing with now as well. That’s when we get the hyperinflation, right? So what tools do they have? We’ll talk more about that.
So we all know that Russia has invaded Ukraine and they’re on their way to Kyiv and it’s pretty dire they’re bombing civilians. I mean, everything. China refuses to condemn Russia’s attack and deflects the blame on the U.S. and denounces the sanctions. So you have this Alliance that’s been going on and it’s solidified. We’ll see what happens because China’s in a very interesting circumstance too, but they’re watching what’s happened and maybe they’re gonna go and attempt a coop in Taiwan and taking that back. So we’ll see. The world is nervous about that. How long this whole thing is gonna last? I don’t know, but I could tell you right now, they’re gonna print a lot of money. They’re gonna print a lot of money. They are. But the point that I want you to really see is that Russia has been preparing for this moment in time for quite some time. One thing they do is they diversify where their wealth is being held. So we have some of these other countries like France in Japan, but the lion share of it is either held on Russian soil or in China. So that means that they still do have some Fiat money to work with to fund everything and support their banks, etcetera.
But what else did they do? Well, they reduced their debt, which is right. This is the external debt. They can have as much internal debt as they want. The Russian central bank can just buy that. Just like the federal reserve is buying the U.S. fed debt, the U.S. Debt as are all other central banks. So they reduce the reliance on foreign debt at the same time that they increased their savings, their reserves, right? That’s pretty smart. That’s what we’re talking about you doing with actually not just gold, both gold and silver. Oh, sorry about that. Gold and silver. This is your savings. This is this, you hold it, you own it. And it runs no counterpart risk. This is your savings. You need to be building this up. So that’s what Russia has done, but they also change their reserve composition. That’s kind of interesting. In other words, they increased their gold holdings at the same time that they reduced their dollar holdings. Gold made up 23% of the central bank stockpile as of the end of June of 2020, but the share of dollar assets, dropped to 22% from 40% in 2018. 2018, they’ve been prepping for this. This is not something that just magically, they decided to do. Russian rainy day fund to get out of all U.S. Dollar assets on Thursday said it did. This was in 2021, June 2021 would ditch all us dollar assets in its national wealth fund and increased holdings in euros, Chinese Yuan and gold. In what analysts said was a political move ahead of a Presidential Russia U.S. Summer. Well, I think it was a move getting ready for we’re dealing with right now, frankly. Because well, they’ve been cut out of the Swift system and we’ll talk about that in just a minute.
But Russia has been strategically building their gold holdings. Let’s see what that looks like. First of all, this is 2018 and you can see these are U.S. Treasuries, right? So that’s a huge drop in their treasury holdings. And you can see that they’ve been then subsequently, reducing those holdings as well. At the same time they have substantially increased their gold holdings, their savings that makes a whole lot of sense. Russia hits Ukraine by air landing, big to grab quick victory, which isn’t quite happening. No, this is only gonna be, most likely there’s gonna be long and drawn out, but what do we have the world unites against Putin? So that to me is World War III. We’re gonna play it in the terms of cyber. Well, look, they’ve already been cut out, which we’ll talk well, we might as well go ahead and talk about it. Now they unleashed the Swift bans, but if you remember several years ago, China and I didn’t put this in here, but China and Russia created their own swift, which is a way to move money globally. So you’re purchasing something from one country. You have to, it’s a payment system. The SWIFT is the U.S. Payment system, but China and Russia created their own global payment system several years ago. So it’s not going to have as big an impact, although it could. And I’ll show you why in just a second. SWIFT Russian ban could force fed to step in. Now why in the world would the federal reserve have to step in if we are making that choice, the U.S. Is making that choice to block them and ban them from the SWIFT payment system? Well, let’s, let’s read a little bit about this exclusions from SWIFT will lead to missed payments and giant overdrafts, similar to the missed payments and giant overdrafts that we saw in March 2020, Pozsar wrote. Now remember he works for, he works for credit Swiss and he’s the one that pays a lot of attention to what’s happening in the repo and the reverse repo market’s a brilliant man. Banks inability to make payments due to their exclusion from swift is the same as Lehman’s inability to make payments due to its clearing banks unwillingness to send payments on its behalf. History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes. Well, I, I think it has a tendency to repeat itself, but it rhymes anyway. So can you see the possibility of this turning into, I don’t know, maybe a Lehman moment because we’re doubling down on it. And now the treasury prohibits transactions with the central bank of Russia and imposes sanctions on key sources of Russia’s wealth. So what they’re really trying to do is starve them out, reducing that liquidity, huh? Didn’t Canada. Just do something really similar to that, to the protestors? Which of course nobody’s hearing about what’s going on with that anymore. I know they started to lift the, where they cut people’s bank accounts, and they’re starting to lift that.
However, you know, it’s interesting what ends up in the news and what doesn’t. Today, the U.S. Department of the treasury. So this was February 28th foreign assets control prohibited, United States persons prohibited all United States persons from engaging in transactions with the central bank of the Russian Federation, the national wealth fund of the Russian Federation and the ministry of finance of the Russian Federation. This action effectively immobilizes any assets of the central bank of the Russian Federation held in the United or by U.S Persons, wherever located. It’s a good thing they were prepared for this. Don’t you think, do you think it might make some sense for you to be prepared because make no mistake, this is a final war on your wealth. You need to build those savings and those reserves so that you can deal with this storm, cause everybody is gonna be impacted, but you need to be able to deal with it so that you have a reasonable standard of living going through this. Because if this is indeed a Lehman moment, we’ll see, we know that the banks are incestuous interconnected. So a problem anywhere, a problem at Deutsche Bank because of the money that Russia owes could be a problem. And there, I don’t think I put this in there. I’ll show you the next time, but there could be a lot of issues that come up because this financial war, you know, it looks like I can do this all in one part. I’m sorry, but I think we’ll go ahead and do that. I just thought I had so many slides that I would need to do it in two parts.
but this financial war sparks money market calls for emergency fixes. What does that mean? I don’t know. Maybe ratcheting up those gates that take away your ability to pull your money outta money market funds? Because it was that Lehman moment that changed all the rules on money markets. Have you forgotten? Froze, and then that’s when they started putting in gates. And that means your ability to take your funds out. Boom, no, they want you to think about it like cash. It’s not cash. It’s the global plumbing for hedge funds, corporations, etcetera. And so you can see this gap here. They circled it ever so nicely. You can see that gap, dollar demand surges in funding markets against the Euro and the Yen and Credit Suisse and Deutsche expect central bank swap lines. So you remember all those emergency measures because this is an issue of liquidity and they’ve been pumping so much money into the system. You think there should be enough liquidity and there’s not, and there’s not. So if you have wealth in money markets, I don’t know if they put those fixes in quite yet, but you might wanna consider an alternative.
You do whatever you’re comfortable with. I don’t own any money market funds. You know, I don’t have any wealth held there, but you do what you want because what we’re hearing about is the justification for are higher prices, inflation, etcetera. And you can put that up. I see a questions coming in. And so give me a minute. Okay, I’ll answer that one later. All right. So what you’re looking at here is a map of the gas and the oil pipeline lines and that area in blue right here, that is Ukraine. So you can see that a lot of these pipelines do indeed go through there, but not all of them. A lot of them sidestep it. In fact, less than one MD of Russian crude exports to Europe enters via the Ukrainian pipeline, further 22% or less than 20, approximately 22% of Russian gas flows to Europe through Ukraine. But today we are seeing both oil and gas prices, surging. This is gonna feed into inflation. Don’t you think? It is, a hundred percent. I mean, this impacts everything from fertilizer to grow food. I mean, I hope you put your gardens in. We’ve been talking about this for a long time. Food water, energy… I’m all fablunged, you’ll have to please forgive me today. Food, water, energy, security, barterability, wealth preservation, community, and shelter. That’s the mantra. I hope you. I know a lot of people have been following it. I’m really grateful for that. I think you’re really grateful that you’ve been doing it too because higher prices are here to stay. But at the moment that I captured this, your gas prices, your natural gas prices were up over 20%. We’ll see where the day ends, but over 20% and Brent Crude was up almost 8%, 7.8%. That’s a huge jump again. We’ll see where this is intra day. So we’ll have to see where everything closes, but this is on concern about the pipelines going into Europe. And this was what I think Putin was counting on for the Europeans, not to be aggressive because of the oil and the gas. But as you see, it’s not as much as we thought, which I found really interesting. So tell me, what do you think the implications are for a global, for global inflation?
Because on top of that, well, first of all, I’m now hearing this morning that no ships are willing to go and try to transport Russian oil, but the costs for shipping any oil are exploding. So you have that on top of the exploding oil and gas prices. I mean, this is going to add to the inflation, but European natural gas flows from Russia ramp up as U.S. sanctions, skip energy. Isn’t that interesting, almost 38% on Thursday and are expected to increase by about 24% on Friday. According to data from Ukraine’s grid operator, but they’re not alone because here in the U.S. refiners buy most Russian Pacific crude in eight months. Now that was on the 24th, but still you have to wonder because shipments of crude from Russia’s Pacific coast, terminals to refineries in the us have rise February to their highest level since June, despite the tensions that culminated with President Vladimir Putin, sending troops into Ukraine. Four crude cargoes that are heading for refineries in Washington, state and Hawaii from Russian Pacific terminals. According to ship tracking data monitored by Bloomberg that’s equivalent to 101,000 barrels a day, the highest daily average in eight months. So I don’t know that this has changed or not, but the oil and the gas were left out of the sanctions. At least they were at the time that I was putting this together, that could have changed. There’s a lot of moving parts to this right now.
But here’s the real piece. Here is the real piece. Blackrock who we know, you know, you got BlackRock and Vanguard. They own everything. It’s a revolving door in Washington, etcetera. BlackRock states that they also think that it has reduced the risk of central banks slamming the brakes. Justification, right? Look over here. And we’re justified in everything that we do, really? Because the war on Ukraine complicates the Fed’s inflation strategy. But as you know, if you’ve been watching me, I’ve been questioning why they, all they do is keep talking about raising rates, talking about running off their balance sheet, but they’re really not doing either one of them. They wanted to wait until March here we are. Right? And I’m like, if, if this, if they really were fighting inflation, that’s something that you start right away, but they couldn’t slam the brakes on. They can’t do it. They’re outta tools. They can’t do it. They can’t do it. They can’t do it. Now. They have an excuse not to do it. How handy is that? And not only that, but wow. Russian invasion that this just came out this morning. Russian invasion pushes Europe into new era of big spending a year when the European union was set to reassess emergency budget, large as stoked by the pandemic may be turning into another chapter in its tolerance of less restrained, public finances and burgeoning debt. Great excuse isn’t it? We are headed for hyperinflation. There is absolutely zero doubt in my mind and whatever money you have in the stock market will be as worthless as these little monopoly monies, because that’s all this stuff is whether it’s in physical form or digit form. And it was baked into the cake. Inflation was baked into the cake. We are at the end. This is what I’ve been talking about forever, I know people say, oh, you keep talking about the same thing. That’s because we’re in the same trend. We’re in the same trend. And all I can say is yikes, because this is the most current data I have on from Yardeni so it’s pretty recent. It, well, it is recent. It’s a 28th on the central bank balance sheets. And I’d like to point out, here’s the federal reserve. Here’s the EU. Let’s see. Then this is the bank of Japan is the green and China central bank is the yellow, but would you take a look at the U.S.? So, what are they gonna do now? They’re just gonna make that go up because they’re talking about what happened in 2008. Well, when 2000, the Lehman moment, the Lehman moment, okay. What they did was they took us from about an 800 billion balance sheet up to about a $2 trillion balance sheet. And goodness gracious. Now, you know, the federal reserve alone is up to about a $9 trillion balance sheet and the EU wasn’t much different. So when you’re looking at the globe, I’m gonna come back to that in a minute, because I’m gonna show you the true fundamental value of ounces of gold, but at the same time that that the central banks globally have been talking about raising rates. Well, the, I mean, I’ve never seen, frankly, other than when the fed has done it and overnight, or at boom change in interest rates, I’ve never seen the market sell off this big, this is a huge plunge. And what we’re looking at here is global. So we’re looking at what Germany, these are rates from all around the world. The key players at the key central banks are these central banks gonna be able to raise rates when the markets are saying, oh no, you’re not? And the funny thing is, is this is in a flight to safety mood, right? Government bonds we’ve been taught are the safest thing that you can do, but no debt is safe when your debt is at nosebleed level and your income cannot keep pace with it. All you keep doing is devaluing the currency. But as I’ve shown you a gazillion times, there’s virtually no purchasing power left in this money. They have to attack your principle. That’s what negative rates are about. That’s what digital currencies, the CBDCs central bank digital currencies. That’s what they’re about is having the ability to a hundred percent control you and attack your principle with a button, push no effort anytime they want.
That’s why it is critical to have this out of the system. Critical, critical. Yeah, because oil and golden advance as Putin orders forces to regions of Ukraine. And Hey, this is even more recent. When I looked before, I don’t know where gold closed, but it was at 1942 and change. So a lot of people asking, I get this all the time. It’s crazy is gold price, too high? You don’t mind buying stocks that are in nosebleed levels. You don’t mind buying real estate at nose bleed levels. You don’t even mind buying cryptocurrencies at nose bleed levels. But I can’t tell you how many times I hear. Well, what about gold? It seems kind of high now. Well, no, it’s not. It is at bargain because, and so is silver because a rise in gold price is an indication of a failing currency. Do they want you to know that the currency is failing? Do they want you to hold physical gold? That is completely outside of the system and decentralized and invisible to them. They don’t have the ability to control it other than manipulating the price. So you think, oh, gold is too high. No, it’s not. And I’m gonna show you how to do it. I’m gonna show you so simple, simple way you have the links rock and roll hoochie-coo, because really gold is good money. This is garbage money. This is Fiat money, right? So how do you know how much gold really is worth? because of this there can be an unlimited amount as we’ve seen, but at this, there is a highly limited amount. That’s it? That’s it that’s above ground gold. Now there is a little bit of gold left in the ground, but if you wanna know where gold would be, if they did an overnight reset reevaluation, then let’s make this simple, the debt, since in this system money is created by debt. So there you go. You’ve got all of that global debt over almost $86 trillion in global debt. And you just divide it by all of the gold that exists in any form because it’s finite, but it’s also recoverable. So we can account for pretty much 98% of all of the gold that has ever been mined.
And by the way, you know, you guys know that I, that I buy my gold in collectible form because I believe that we are gonna see an overt confiscation. I mean, we’ve been experiencing covert confiscation, so desperate governments do desperate things, an overt confiscation. And I want the kind of gold that is less likely to be confiscated. I can’t guarantee anything, but there are those out there. The, that had spent like 8 million or more on one ounce of gold. And so I’m kind of thinking just like Treasury Secretary Woodin back when they took gold away from the public in 33. And he wanted, he knew what he was doing to the currency. He wanted to continue to hold gold unsupervised as well as accumulated, right? So he built those laws for himself. And I personally think that anybody that can spend 8 million bucks on an ounce of gold either writes the laws or has the ability to influence those that write the laws. Plus those eminent domain laws. Thank you very much. But since they manipulate the spot price of gold, how easy is it for them to just do a big sweep and hey, leave you a premium. Let’s just say that spots at $3,000 an ounce, when they decide to do an over confiscation, do they want you to argue? Do they want you to fight back? Do you, do they want you to say no, no, they do not. So maybe they give you $6,000. Does it really matter? It’s just flipping funny money. That’s all it is. But you would be going, or most people would be going. I hope you aren’t. I hope after this, you really get it. But most people would be going, but wow. Gold is only worth, you know, $3,000 and they’re gonna pay me 6,000. Okay. That sounds good to me. And so they do a huge sweep of those IRAs, which is where most private individuals hold their gold. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it because I know of no administrator or a trustee. That’s going to go against the government say, nah we’re not gonna let you take this individual’s gold. No, they just do a big sweep. Leave all that funny money, just like they did back in 33 and, and get everybody to turn it in that they can. I won’t be turning mine in, but then again, I have collectibles, this is my collection, right? And then they just revalue. Now, if they did it today, then it would probably go somewhere north of 11,000 bucks, 12,000 bucks.
But the more debt that they grow, meaning the global central banks and global governments, the higher, the greater, that fundamental value of gold is so that when they ultimately first we’ve gotta go into hyperinflation. And when they ultimately do that overnight revaluation, like in Venezuela, it was up over 3500%. These are just numbers and they just create nominal confusion.
And now I’ve got some questions. So I’m gonna take some questions if Russia and Ukraine need to sell your, I think you mean their gold. Would this precipitate a drop in the price temporarily? No, that would not. Because first of all, Russia having accumulated gold for that long it’s, so they could weather the storm that they’ve put themself in same reason why you should be buying it. But at, as we’ve witnessed, what’s really most likely to push the visible price. Now, I don’t know about demand and supply. What we saw in March of 2020 and April of 2020 was the expansion, huge expansion of the premiums, even as they were manipulating this spot price. So we had the spot price when the stock market goes down. Since most of that is bought with debt on margin, we will get margin calls. So if you wanna know what’s gonna move that, or you wanna pay attention to that. It’s not about Russia or Ukraine selling their gold because they may do it inside the market. They may do a swap. They may actually use their gold to purchase goods directly, which could definitely be a part of the strategy. That is a possibility. So let’s see what will happen if you have us stocks and stock market. Okay. That’s the other question. Can you go back to the other one? I’m gonna make sure I answer it first. Okay…will this temporarily? Any drop in gold prices, spot prices and silver spot prices is temporary because they’re so severely undervalued. Okay. And Bruce, I hope I answered your question.
Now I’ll take the other one. Happy B says what will happen if you have U.S. Stocks and the stock market crash? Well, that’s deflation, right? And so what are the governments? What do the central banks do to fight deflation? cause there’s only one way and that’s inflation. This war is deflationary. So what will they do? They will create more inflation. You see, I’ve been saying for so long that these central banks are really between a rock and hard place. They’re darned if they do they’re darned. If they don’t, it doesn’t matter. They’re at the end. They’re at the end. The only tool they have left is money printing and more confiscation of your wealth. That’s all they have left. So it doesn’t matter. This stock market doesn’t know what to think. Now, keep in mind, keep in mind that on a global basis, they’re watching the markets are watching this and going, oh well they’re not gonna be, be able to raise rates and oh, they’re gonna have to print more money. So is it probable possible that the stock markets can keep going up? A hundred percent because people are trying to run away from the dollar, but it’s out of the frying pan and it’s into the fire. In fact, any asset, any, any, any asset that you can only convert into dollars, euros, Yen any government based money? The real trend is in the purchasing power, not how high the stock market goes. It could go to 10 trillion, but the last time I looked 10 trillion times zero still equaled zero.
Turquoise asks, will you be able to swap silver for gold in a collapse? Maybe, you know, the biggest challenge with there’s ratio trading and there’s different things that you can do. And as long as the markets are all functioning smoothly and you have availability, then the answer is yes, you can. However, in a crisis circumstance where like I’m not selling my personal gold or my personal silver, I’m buying more. And when I’m buying it, that’s coming off the market, not going back on again. So what does that mean for somebody that has silver and wants to buy gold or somebody that has gold and wants to buy silver? Probably the premiums are gonna be ginormous. My personal feeling is, and, and everybody’s gotta do what they’re comfortable with. But my personal feeling is, is that you create that strategy and you lay it in now, all of it. So I own silver. I own, for me, silver is about barterability. I own enough silver for my lifestyle and both of my daughters lifestyles for 10 years, because this is not gonna be over so fast.
And the hyperinflation that we’re gonna have to deal with is not gonna be over so fast. And then the rest of it is in gold. And then I have different layers of gold depending upon what I’m trying to accomplish. So I tell everybody, and I’m telling you guys, you really wanna think about what you’re trying to accomplish. Do you have a mortgage? Do you have debt? Do you have goals? You know, do you wanna educate your kids? Do you wanna retire? What do you want to accomplish? And that’s where you start. Then you call us because the strategy that we execute is based upon my studies of currencies and currency life cycles since 1987.
And I was talking to somebody the other day. And if you’re watching, you might recognize this. I won’t use your name. And, and she was telling me that she was listening and, and talking this little place that she usually buys her, her gold and silver, just a small little local shop. And she asked him, well, are you accumulating gold and silver for what’s going on? This is happening. That’s happening, etcetera. And he looked at well, you know, no. And I asked her, I said, do you know anybody else that has been studying currencies since 1987? Why are you listening to this person who doesn’t have level of education that frankly I do. And my mother always said, if it’s true, you can say it. So I’m saying it, I have studied these patterns. If you call us and you talk to one of our consultants, they also understand these patterns, this war that we’ve got going on right now, have I not been saying, there’s gonna be a war? It’s gonna break out somewhere. Maybe it’s in the middle east? Maybe it’ll be nuclear? Maybe it’ll be cyber? Is it gonna be boots on the ground? Maybe it’s gonna be boots on the ground too. But it’s definitely at this point, it’s hugely financial. And if we didn’t learn anything from Canada, our neighbor, because people always like to go, well, that was there that can’t happen here. Yeah! It can happen anywhere and everywhere. And it’s really quite simple. You need a plan and you need to be prepared, need to have everything in place right now. You need a certain level of cash as your first line of defense, a certain level of silver for your day to day, barterability and a certain level of different kinds of gold that will help you sustain your real estate or position into it and help your heirs. If that’s one of your goals, that is one of my goals. I wanna leave a legacy for my children and my grandchildren. That’s always been important to me. Some people, it is some people it’s not. So that’s the thing. You can’t go by my goals because they could be different than yours. But I can tell you this. I’m very, very grateful that I’ve been preparing as long as I have.
In case you missed it, which I can’t imagine. But if you did go back and listen to, you know, the two interviews I did with Egon von Greyerz and also Gerald Celente, and I’ll tell you what. I think it’s so critically important that hear a lot of opinions because that’s all, anybody can really give you as an opinion. And then it’s your job to do your due diligence and decide, does this opinion make sense to me? Is it real? Is it based on fact, go back and do that research or, you know, does it not make sense to me, but do your due diligence so that you are making educated choices that put your best and support your best interest first, please. That’s why I talked to two different people on Thursday as this whole thing was unfolding. I mean, and it was quite eyeopening to me even. So if you haven’t watched them yet go back, there’s a calendly link below. If you don’t have a plan, click that link set a time. If the time you want isn’t available, call us, we will get you in. This is what we’re here to do. We are here to be of service. Give us a thumbs up, leave comments and share this video with absolute everybody and anybody that you possibly can. And until tomorrow, please be safe out there. Bye bye.




























Thumbnail Photo We believe that everyone deserves a properly developed strategy for financial safety.

Lynette Zang

Chief Market Analyst, ITM Trading

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