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WHAT WILL GOLD BE WORTH? New Dangers of Negative Rates & How to Calculate Gold’s Fundamental Value by Lynette Zang

Let the helicopter money begin. The Fed’s alphabet soup of QE roars in with a vengeance with a promise of unlimited free money, but they cannot reflate the economy alone this time, they need help. Enter new government programs that…

The Great Economic Reset

Have more questions that need to get answered? Call: 844-495-6042 The Big Question is this: How do you put your wealth in a position to last forever, no matter what happens with the economy, coronavirus, covid-19, the markets, real estate,…

ARE WE PLAYING WHACK-A-MOLE? Here is Your Strategy to Win the Game… By Lynette Zang

While everyone is getting more and more concerned on so many different topics, I’m going live today to answer some questions a lot of people and investors are asking, including your current questions if you’re watching live today. So if…

CORONAVIRUS THE WORLD ECONOMY AT RISK: Can Central Banks Save Us…by Lynette Zang

Coronavirus is spreading quickly throughout the world as 82 countries now infected. Corporations are cancelling travel and holding virtual meetings and the public is cancelling unnecessary travel too. Additionally, people are buying and hoarding food and medical supplies, not quite…

UNITED STATES CURRENCY COLLAPSE: How Historical Patterns Illustrate an Economic Reset by Lynette Zang

A very important question was asked form one of our viewers Christopher R…he asked: “Historically, when a Fiat Currency Resets, it can have several Resets within a few years’ time (which is correct). What are some historical Economic Resets from…

WHY GET PROTECTED NOW? Money Printing Fails to Stop the Global Slowdown… by Lynette Zang

In the recent World Economic Outlook published by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) they state that “markets have again been driven by two main factors: monetary policy and investor perceptions about trade tensions.” And so, regardless of the slowing global…

ANOTHER JENGA PIECE OUT: Brexit Divorce is Final, What Happens Next?…by Lynette Zang

The UK’s divorce from the EU is final on Friday after almost four long years. It will seem like a non-event because the current trade arrangements remain in place through December 31, 2020. By then new trade agreements need to…

MARKET MELT UP ACCELERATES: Dangers of the Rising Stock Market …by Lynette Zang

After the liquidity shock that hit the repo market in September, global stock markets ended 2019 near all-time highs and surged into 2020 buoyed by central bank new money. What’s the problem? After all, isn’t a rising stock market a…

RED FLAGS ARE FLYING: When Will The Central Banks Wings Fall Off?… by Lynette Zang

You probably know that stock markets are making record highs, supported by accommodative central banks. Keep in mind that when central banks create new fiat money, that money must go somewhere, and stock markets are one of the beneficiaries. But…

THE MIDDLE EAST EXPLODES: What Happens Next? Oil, Gold, Stocks, Bonds…By Lynette Zang

The new decade begins with a BANG as the US sends in drones and kills Qasem Soleimani, a key Iranian military leader, after attacks against American civilians in Iraq. As Iran vows vengeance and announces that they will no longer…


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