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MARKET MELT UP ACCELERATES: Dangers of the Rising Stock Market …by Lynette Zang

After the liquidity shock that hit the repo market in September, global stock markets ended 2019 near all-time highs and surged into 2020 buoyed by central bank new money. What’s the problem? After all, isn’t a rising stock market a…

RED FLAGS ARE FLYING: When Will The Central Banks Wings Fall Off?… by Lynette Zang

You probably know that stock markets are making record highs, supported by accommodative central banks. Keep in mind that when central banks create new fiat money, that money must go somewhere, and stock markets are one of the beneficiaries. But…

THE MIDDLE EAST EXPLODES: What Happens Next? Oil, Gold, Stocks, Bonds…By Lynette Zang

The new decade begins with a BANG as the US sends in drones and kills Qasem Soleimani, a key Iranian military leader, after attacks against American civilians in Iraq. As Iran vows vengeance and announces that they will no longer…

2020 DEBT CRISIS REVEALED: And Central Banks Using Up Their Ammo…By Lynette Zang

The Federal Reserve has now injected over $4 trillion into the repo markets and $326 billion in buying up short term treasuries to undo the yield curve inversion and prevent money markets from freezing up and its becoming visible to…

Part II: HIDDEN LIES IN THE PRIVACY WASTELAND: And the Surveillance Spread…By Lynette Zang

Yesterday we looked at how big tech companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon etc., to use our personal experiences and digital footprints to create enormous wealth and global power. We also saw that this vast amount of data, when coupled…

THE NEW SURVEILLANCE CAPITALISM: The Value of Your Data…By Lynette Zang

“Imagine a not-so-distant future where you’re just driving on the highway. Your car is sending real-time data about your performance behind the wheel to your insurance company. And in return, the insurance company is sending real-time driver behavior modification punishments…

WILL YOUR MONEY LAST? 3 Ways 401k Withdrawals Are Changing in 2020… By Lynette Zang

Studies have shown that the Netherlands was one of the two biggest beneficiaries of the European Union with high stock and bond markets, low unemployment and high home prices, yet today, the state of their pension systems, both public and…

MARKETS UP, STOCKS DOWN. Confused? Lynette Reveals 3 Hidden Truth’s

Stocks up, spot gold down, seems like the same old story, but is it? People ask me if they keep this going forever but perhaps we should be asking what lurks beneath the headlines? For one thing, large players like…

CRITICAL CONDITION, DOMINOS FALLING: What’s Hiding Under These High Market Conditions? By Lynette Zang

All of a sudden, in the face of no change, global stock markets are moving up. In the US they are making new highs even as trade wars escalate and a possible government shutdown was postponed until December 20th. Merry…

GOLD & SILVER MISDIRECTION: Everything is a Distraction from the Truth.

By September 4th, 2019, global central banks had cut interest rates 32 times and markets anticipated 58 additional cuts because the global economy was marching steadily toward a global recession. Stock markets were struggling, though still considerably higher than the…


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