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THE FED GIVETH, THE FED TAKETH AWAY: Experimenting with Forward Guidance? by Lynette Zang

It should be obvious that Wall Street does not reflect Main Street. It hasn’t since 2008, when the Fed decided to “manage” the markets. In fact, global central bankers “managed” the world into a global slow down well before Covid-19…

THE NEXT CRISIS LOOMS: Solutions Failing for USD While the Shift to SOFR Stalls… by Lynette Zang

In 2012 manipulation of “THE” interest rate benchmark, known as IBOR (Inter Bank Offer Rate), was leaked to the public. The most globally used inter bank offer rate is London’s (LIBOR). Subsequently, the Bank of England (who was also implicated…

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED: Facts, Historic Cycles and Future Clues of What’s Likely to Come Next… by Lynette Zang

On December 4, 2018 the US yield curve inverted for the first time since 2005. According to data from the New York Fed, typically 18 months after a yield curve inversion there is a recession. Of course, we were told…

BIG CHANGE IS COMING: GDP to Drop Over 30% Says Fed Chair Powell… By Lynette Zang

My favorite question is “How many times can you be lied to when you do not know the truth?” In 2008 the financial system died and the Federal Reserve OVERTLY took control to “manage” the markets as did global central…

A GOLDEN PLAN FOR REAL ESTATE: Housing Market Opportunities Become Clearer… By Lynette Zang

As we know, real estate spending is 30% of GDP. Wall Street turns mortgage debt and payments into fiat money products that are held in pensions, retirement plans and individual accounts through REITs, Mutual Funds and ETFs. Additionally, GSEs (Government…

WILL YOU AGREE TO BE TRACKED? How to Protect Your Privacy & Wealth? By Lynette Zang

Never let a good crisis go to waste is a government and central bank saying, and Coronavirus certainly can move the digital surveillance economy forward in a very big way. Data proves that since 2002, global governments (including the US)…

SHARKS VS MUPPETS: Wall Street vs Main Street… By Lynette Zang

Some of you might recall the 2012 scandal when Greg Smith resigned from Goldman Sachs and revealed that Goldman traders referred to unsophisticated clients as Muppets, encouraging them to take one side of a trade that Goldman had put together,…

MARKETS DIVORCED FROM REALITY: Call Your Stockbroker Before It’s Too Late… By Lynette Zang

Even though we’re all working from home these days, we at ITM are a team and a family. We meet weekly to discuss what going on and, for me, the consultants give me feedback on what our clients are saying…

THE ETF TRAP $10,000 to $600: When Fiat Investment Products Go Wrong… By Lynette Zang

Historic first to historic first, these fiat markets continue to show us all, the breakdown of the fiat financial system. Yesterday, the May WTI (West Texas Intermediate) crude oil futures contract that expires today at 3, closed at negative $37.63…


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