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REAL ESTATE DANGER: (Pt.2) Real Estate Pattern Breakdowns…Leverage Upon Leverage! By Lynette Zang

In Part I, “Real Estate Danger: Real Estate Cycle Shows Phase 3 Danger” we saw that real estate has now entered the third and most dangerous phase in the real estate trend. As a reminder, PHASE III in the real…

Real Estate Cycle Shows Phase 3 Danger, pt 1… by Lynette Zang

A key component is understanding market cycles is recognizing long term patterns since they work the same with any asset. A long-term chart can show you where we are in the current trend and what is the next most likely…

THIS SCARES ME, The Future Dims for the Dollar… by Lynette Zang

History shows us that no currency holds the position of world’s reserve currency (WRC) permanently, and this time is no exception. As a WRC, there is global demand for that currency, to settle global trade bills. The Euro was created…

THE CHOKE POINT: Oil Market Crash & Dangers of US Dollar. by Lynette Zang

The Oil rally that started in early 2019 is over with spot oil off more that 20% from its recent high. The markets are looking at rising US shale production, diminishing demand because of the global slowdown and a deepening…

THE GAMBLE OF YOUR FUTURE: Investment Risks You Don’t See Coming… By Lynette Zang

China is the 2nd largest economy and now has the second largest stock market, behind the US. Interconnected financial institutions create and support new markets and products, that’s called “financial innovation.” They have brought the Chinese stock markets to the…

THE 2019 DEREGULATION ICEBERG: The Dismantling of Investor Protection Laws by Lynette Zang

After a financial crisis it is critical to reestablish public confidence. Therefore, regulations are typically put in place to “prevent” the same crisis from happening again, though implementation of the new regulations may or may not ever actually happen. Knowing…

URGENT REPORT: Trade Wars Explode – Black Swan Event? by Lynette Zang

The black swan event that will take down the global fiat system may have already happened, even if Mexican tariffs never go into effect, counter party confidence between the US and all trading partners has been smashed. With the US…

UK FUELS GLOBAL UNCERTAINTY: Why Gold is certain in an Uncertain World, UK & Brexit Update by Lynette Zang

Disillusioned by growing income inequality and broken promises, on June 23, 2016 the British people voted to leave the European Union. Almost three years later, how to leave is still up for grabs. As of May 24, 2019, Theresa May…

WARNING BELL 100% RISK LEVEL: Central Banks Rushing to Gold as IMF Shows 100% Risk by Lynette Zang

In the most current “Global financial Stability Report” the IMF (International Monetary Fund) examined the “vulnerabilities In a Maturing Credit Cycle” which is really a discussion on the end stage of the currency fiat money financial system. Like every aggressive…

RETIREMENT CRISIS OPPORTUNITY: How Will You Participate? By Lynette Zang

In 1972 I was seventeen. I guarantee you that I was not putting too much thought into my retirement at that time, yet I clearly remember thinking, “Social Security won’t be there for me when I’m ready to retire.” The…


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