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CRITICAL CONDITION, DOMINOS FALLING: What’s Hiding Under These High Market Conditions? By Lynette Zang

All of a sudden, in the face of no change, global stock markets are moving up. In the US they are making new highs even as trade wars escalate and a possible government shutdown was postponed until December 20th. Merry…

GOLD & SILVER MISDIRECTION: Everything is a Distraction from the Truth.

By September 4th, 2019, global central banks had cut interest rates 32 times and markets anticipated 58 additional cuts because the global economy was marching steadily toward a global recession. Stock markets were struggling, though still considerably higher than the…

INVESTING ON BORROWED TIME: How Close Are We to the Meltdown?

Central Bankers are between a rock and a hard place. They know that ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) and NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Policy) experimental policies have not actually stimulated the global economy, but rather put the debt-based system at…

THE LEVEL OF LIES: The Truth About Municipal Bond Investments You Thought Were Safe… By Lynette Zang

The total size of the municipal market has more than doubled since 2008 from $2.8 trillion to $6.96 trillion as of September 2019 as the base of buyer has shifted from individuals to five large fund managers (institutional investors); Vanguard, TIAA (Nuveen),…

BIGGER RISK THAN GREAT RECESSION: Are You At The Epicenter of the Next Economic Collapse? By Lynette Zang

I love reading the IMF (International Monetary Fund) Global Financial Stability Reports because they appear a more honest assessment than what it typically said in main street media. The October 2019 report fulfills that promise with a focus on vulnerabilities…

THE ECONOMIC FALL: An Already Dangerous Season for Economic Risk……By Lynette Zang

In the 1920’s the US transitioned into a consumer driven economy. Today, consumer spending is roughly 66% of all the money that flows through the US economy (GDP). When consumers have “confidence” they are more likely to take on debt,…

WILL YOU BE FOOLED NEXT? Repo & Money Market Lies Fuel the Collapse… by Lynette Zang

In 2008, the fiat financial markets were ultimately made visible because of a lack of liquidity in the interbank funding markets, causing the Reserve Primary money market fund to drop below $1 per share and freeze redemption’s, which then caused…

THE BAZOOKA EXPERIMENT: Bigger Monetary Experiments, and Their Chances of Working… By Lynette Zang

Announcing a fresh round of aggressive monetary easing, Mario Draghi says that “governments with fiscal space should act in an effective and timely manner” to encourage lending and spending to generate the inflation that would allow them to raise interest…

READY FOR THE BATTLE? Economic Battle Lines Being Drawn Across the Globe… By Lynette Zang

Battle lines crisscross the globe as President Trump declares both internal (Jay Powell, the Federal Reserve Chairman) and external (China) enemies. Additionally, he “clashed with world leaders over the U.S. trade war with China and a host of foreign-policy issues…

MARKETS DROP & GOLD SETS GLOBAL RECORDS: As Currency War becomes official By Lynette Zang

Markets had hoped the US and China’s trade talks would come to a positive conclusion, instead as negotiations continued, President Trump surprised everyone with a new 10% tariff scheduled to go into effect on September 1st. In retaliation, Beijing asked…


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