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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. William L: Barron’s saying that the threat of a yield curve is over?

Question 2. Ben P: Is it possible the melt up is actually a bull trap?

Question 3. Gang: Why do “experts” say there’s an everything-bubble with nowhere to hide your wealth, and then in the same interview say you should have no more than 20% of your wealth in precious metals?

Question 4. Julian H: From looking at the gold charts in Venezuela and what their cost of goods are year over year it appears that the purchasing power of gold has increased 5 times (500%). If this is correct, is it a good example of what could happen here in the USA?

Question 5. Maxim G: Are people like me who paid off debt stupid? When the great financial reset comes, wouldn’t indebted people benefit more from it?