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World Bank and The IMF (International Monetary Fund) Explained

Taylor Kenney - ITM Trading Sep 8, 2023

Taylor Kenney from ITM Trading takes you on a journey through the history and roles of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. Discover how these influential organizations were created in response to post-war economic uncertainties and how their functions have evolved over time. Learn about their impact on the global economy and why they remain topics of controversy.


0:00 IMF and World Bank
0:39 Bretton Woods Conference
2:53 World Bank Group
4:25 US Gold Reserves
5:16 Who is Funding Them?
6:41 Proponents and Opponents
8:17 Argentina’s Economic Crisis
10:39 SDR’s

The IMF and World Bank: Who Are They Really?
In the realm of global economics, few names evoke as much debate as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. Established over seven decades ago, their influence hasn’t waned, but has their true impact been beneficial? With a history riddled with controversies, let’s take a closer look at these institutions.
Looking Back to 1944
After the Great Depression and World War II, nations put up trade barriers, throttling economic prospects. Yet as the war ended, there was a drive to create a system supporting international trade. But this increased interdependence and vulnerability to economic shocks.
In 1944, representatives from 44 countries met at the Bretton Woods Conference to make a stable yet flexible system. The result? Pegging currencies to the US dollar, backed by gold. It sounded straightforward but wasn’t.
This led to the IMF, ensuring stable exchange rates. The World Bank was also established, originally facilitating Europe’s post-war reconstruction. Its mission has expanded to global poverty alleviation.
Encountering Obstacles
The IMF and World Bank have faced challenges. The IMF struggled to maintain genuine exchange rates. In the 1960s, over-circulation of US dollars beyond gold reserves was concerning. Things peaked in 1971 when President Nixon cut the dollar-gold tie, sinking the Bretton Woods system.
With the system’s demise, questions emerged: Why does the IMF still exist? Its role has evolved, now overseeing exchange rate policies and providing financial lifelines during crises. But are these lifelines helpful, or just temporary fixes?
The IMF is funded through member country quotas – the richer the nation, the bigger its quota and sway. The World Bank relies on member countries and loan interest. With this model, whose interests come first?
Achievements or Hidden Agendas?
Supporters applaud the IMF and World Bank for contributions – strengthened economies and new infrastructure. But probing deeper reveals a less rosy story.
Critics argue they have exploitative policies, are environmentally reckless, and encourage financial recklessness. In Argentina, IMF interventions seemed to worsen economic problems. The perception they serve Western interests persists, given the imbalanced voting power.
The BRICS nations seem to agree. Eager for more influence and wary of Western dominance, they started their own development bank as an alternative. Could this reflect the World Bank’s perceived ineffectiveness?
SDRs: A Cause for Concern?
Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), created by the IMF in 1969, are generating attention and uncertainty. As artificial currency instruments, their future implications, especially with new digital currencies, are worrying. Are we entering hazardous unmapped territory?
In Closing
The IMF and World Bank are influential yet controversial. Their history includes questionable interventions and policies, not just achievements. As the global economic landscape changes, scrutinizing these institutions is key.



























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Lynette Zang

Chief Market Analyst, ITM Trading

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