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THE IMF GUIDE TO NEGATIVITY: Enabling Deep Negative Rates to Fight Recessions, a Guide By Lynette Zang

Only 3 out of 34 member countries of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) have interest rates above 4%, and would have the ability to make deep cuts in interest rates during the next financial crisis, and still…

URGENT REPORT: Trade Wars Explode – Black Swan Event? by Lynette Zang

The black swan event that will take down the global fiat system may have already happened, even if Mexican tariffs never go into effect, counter party confidence between the US and all trading partners has been smashed. With the US…

Your Gold in Vaults? Confiscations, Mattress Money, 2021, and more… Q&A with Lynette Zang and Eric Griffin

Eric sources questions from Lynette’s viewers and Lynette responds with organic and unrehearsed answers. If you have a question for Lynette and Eric, please either submit your question though YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or here on the ITM Trading website in…

Why the IMF will use the ACC and SDR to Capture Wealth

ITM Trading’s Lynette Zang talks about why she believes the ACC (Asset Collection Chain) Coin is being used to capture ownership in the SDR. In 2009 China brought up using the SDR to replace the USD as “The” world’s reserve…

A-Mark Bullion Update

After three consecutive days of gains, gold took a breather today as the USD fought back against recent losses.  US Retail Sales m/m data increased by 1.2% in May while April figures were revised upwards by .2%.  Besides this positive…

A-Mark Bullion Update

The markets were a sea of red today with equities and commodities alike succumbing to liquidation pressure.  Gold is at five week lows but managed to tread water above initial support at $1,170.  Improving economic conditions in Europe combined with…

A-Mark Bullion Update

With the US out yesterday for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the markets were quiet and gold took a brief pause from its recent rally.  That rally has resumed in full force today though and the yellow metal is pressing…

Banks Too Big To Fail Or Too Big To Bail

In response to those that believe there are Banks Too Big To Fail, Ms Lagarde, Managing Director for the International Monetary Fund spoke in New York ahead of next week’s IMF Spring meeting, and blasted the financial services industry for…

European Debt Crisis Effecting Growth Projects for 2013

The intensifying of the European Debt Crisis has brought about quite a few unfavorable tweaks in the growth projections for 2012 and 2013. For instance, the International Monetary Fund or the IMF has reportedly cut its growth forecast figures. The…

Financial Crisis And An Accident Prone Economy

The financial crisis in Europe has commenced a “perilous new phase” that could handicap global economic growth even with a best case scenario, so said a report from the International Monetary Fund on Tuesday. To make matters worse, the threat…


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