The old adage says that timing is everything. Or that one should always buy low and sell high. With rarer issues of $20 Liberties and $20 Saint Gaudens, timing isn’t necessarily everything. Now, you can always buy rare gold coins in the dips in the market which will always produce better results over the long-term, but rare gold coins have proven over time to have performed very well, consistently. It should be noted that if you picked up some of these coins in 1989, which was the peak of the last bull market you would not have recovered yet. But if you look at a chart of mint state rare gold coins from 1970 to present, you can see that if you bought at any other time you would be doing fairly well.

Incidentally, we are currently experiencing what I believe to be a temporary low in these coins, which I presume will be a great buying opportunity. But where we are in the trend cycle I feel that we have many years to go before this market tops out.

Because of the high gold content of these coins, each Liberty and Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle contains .9675 ounces of gold, they will never be worth zero. Gold has never been worthless. This gives their owners an added layer of protection.

In addition, these types of coins are scarce. For example, millions of 1 ounce American Eagle coins are minted each year. Whereas PCGS and NGC estimate that somewhere around 1.5 million 1 ounce Liberties and Saints in a 62 to 66 grade exist today. This adds yet another layer of protection for their owners.

These coins have been excluded from gold confiscation in the past, and with the dollars extreme weakness, it is thought by many that another gold confiscation is looming. Many experts believe that the numismatics will again be excluded from confiscation if it were to occur. This is another layer of protection.

Due to these factors I believe that anytime is the right time to buy Liberties and Saints. They have proven time and time again, that they are a safe and private way to accumulate wealth over time.