The $20 Liberty Head was the largest denomination ever minted when it was released to the public in 1850.  It was designed by James B. Longacre and it contains 90% gold and 10% copper and contains .9675 ounces of gold.  These coins were minted from 1850 to 1907 when the design changed to the $20 Saint Gaudens (there was one coin minted in 1849 for design proofing).  The $20 Liberty is one of the most popular rare gold coins to investors and collectors alike.

The 1904 $20 Liberty coin was minted in Philadelphia and it is the most common Liberty coin minted.  The original mintage was 6,256,699 and there are many in existence in mint state grade available for purchase.  Compare that to the 1882 $20 Liberty of which only 571 were minted and there are very few in existence.  The 1904P in the rare coin industry is considered a “common date” coin.  If you call a broker/dealer and ask to buy a common date Liberty this is what they will sell you.

Its value tends to fluctuate more so with the spot price of gold than other coins because rarity plays a minute role in its value, although the higher the grade the higher the value.  For example (approximate pricing):

MS61= $1,530
MS62= $1,600
MS63= $2,100
MS64= $2,600
MS65= $4,400

The lower you go on the  grading scale the closer to the spot price the coin will be and vice versa.  This coin will be the lowest valued coin of all liberty head $20 coins.  Thus all other coins will go up in value from these prices.  For example, a 1903 $20 Liberty in MS65 condition sells for around $5,100.  The original mintage on this coin was 287,270.  The rarity factor for this coin is higher than the common date coin and therefore it is worth more money.  If a coin is in mint state 65 grade and only one is known to exist it will be far more valuable than $4,400 and will probably only be found at auction.

Liberty head $20 gold coins are great for investing and collecting.  Whether you are looking for asset protection, growth or historical significance and beauty there is a coin out there for everyone.