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India and China considering paying for Iranian oil in gold instead of US dollars in order to circumvent the oil embargo. This could severely hurt the sanctions that the US and Europe are imposing in an attempt to shut down the Iranian nuclear program. Circumventing the dollar is also not good for the value of the dollar.


Lakshman Atchuthan, Managing Director of ECRI, interviewed on CNBC on the current economic situation worldwide. He says to look for more recessions more often due to current trends in the market. He also says that we are no longer in recovery mode.


Rep Congressman Ron Paul asks Ben Bernanke about why they have spent $5.3 trillion, giving money to bankers and corporations. He also asks Bernanke if he thinks gold is real money. Interesting watch.


Jeff Nichols of American Precious Metals Advisors Inc. on Bloomberg speaking on the strong fundamentals for gold and silver.


Peter Schiff commented on the Soros meeting at Bretton Woods but shifted his response to the problem being that the US Dollar is the world’s reserve currency and that we have been abusing this status. Peter states that interest rates worldwide are too low and that the US can only run these huge deficits because it has the reserve currency status.


US in danger of losing its AAA status. Ratings agencies are warning that the debt and deficit levels are unsustainable and they may be forced to lower the US credit rating.


Peter Schiff on CNBC saying that Americans need to prepare for a dollar collapse as the US Dollar is slowly losing its status as the world’s reserve currency.
He believes that we are going to see a lot of inflation here in the US as the dollars that we printed come home.


Jim Rogers interviewed on CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report,” they cover where stocks and commodities prices will go based on today’s current economic policies.


In an interview with Jim Rickards on CNBC, Jim says that because all bad risks taken by companies and countries are bailed out, it is hard to say if there is a real recovery or real growth. He also says that nothing is being resolved, just more printed money and therefore it will be resolved in the future.


Interview with Frank Holmes, CEO of US Global Investors states that he believes that gold will compound at 15% annually for the next 5 years.


Egon Von Gruyerz, founder of, was interviewed on CNBC and stated that he believed gold will go to somewhere between $5,000 to $10,000 per ounce.


Ron Paul interviewed on CNBC, breaking down exactly what we are experiecing right now is the economy.


Peter Schiff talks about the economy and Gold. He believes that gold and the Dow will once again reach a ratio of 1 to 1 like it did in 1980


Jim Rickards comments on the current situation in Greece and he also says he believes gold will go to $5,000 per ounce.


Jim Rodgers appears on Bloomberg and discusses his thoughts on the current gold bull market and where it is headed.


Ron Paul appeared on Fox Business today to discuss the economy and the coming currency crisis.


Robert McEwen, chairman of U.S. Gold Corp. says gold prices will more than quadruple to $5,000 by 2012.