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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Unanswered questions from 5-27 presentation:

  1. Billy Buehler: If both UBI and negative interest rates get implemented, will every month be a race to empty my checking account? Or work up the amount of debt beforehand and then pay it all off on payday?
  2. Martin Stevens: Gold has been holding at $1700 for a while now – when is it going to make its next upward push?
  3. Banhuevos 1: What are the pros and cons to negative rates for the average person?
  4. Gary Baker: Is it going to inflation or deflation?
  5. MrBennyMarco: Could I travel internationally with 30 ounces of gold and just declare the face value – $50 x 30? Or actual value?
  6. Rocky Laurel: ​What gold coins do you think would not be confiscated?
  7. Atticus NOW: Are central banks buying collectables and if so, why? Why not straight bullion?