Those focused on U.S. Mint Gold Coins were interested to learn that according to the World Gold Council, the demand for gold has reportedly risen by 6% through the third quarter of 2011, particularly due to the impending debt crisis in Europe. Investors have been motivated to accumulate more of this precious metal to protect their wealth from the impacts of this debt crisis. Naturally, prices of US Mint gold coins have hit a record high. In fact, according to an official report generated by the council, the drop in demand for jewelry has been outpaced by investor purchases of gold coins and bars. The global demand for this precious metal is of 1,053.9 metric tons which is worth a whopping $57.7 billion!

US Mint Gold Coins—Some Recent Developments

Through the years, the US Mint gold coins have been popular objects of interest. The demand has always been substantially huge. In the May of 2010, the US Mint reportedly sold 190,000 gold coins of 1 Oz measure. This was the highest it had ever sold since January of 2009. The economic uncertainties prevailing in the European continent and the volatile trends in the dollar has pushed the sale of American Eagle coins by almost 214%, as of April 2010. May 2010 recorded the value of gold at an all time high of $1.248.95 per Oz. The trends have been pretty much the same across all major continents of the globe.

US Mint Gold Coins—Types to Consider

Before you decide to purchase US gold coins, you should conduct a thorough research of the types available and attempt to understand the market. Some of the varieties of gold coins available include:

The Liberty $20 Gold Coin: These coins were originally designed by James Longacre. There are three “types” to choose from. The first would be the ones manufactured from 1849 to 1866, second type would be the ones produced in from 1866 to 1876 and the third type would be those made during 1877 to 1907. All through its history of production, these coins were minted across the locations of San Francisco, Carson City, Denver, New Orleans and Philadelphia.

During its manufacturing era, gold was officially sold at $20.67 per ounce. The content of gold was fixed as 0.9657 per every ounce. This totals its $20 value when calculated on the basis of real gold. Hence, it carries the face value of $20. The coin weighs around 33.43 grams with a composition of 90% gold. They are considered scarce and are therefore highly preferred choices for coin collectors and investors alike.

The St. Gaudens $20 Gold Coin: These coins were designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The weight of these coins equaled 33.43 coins, and the gold content is around 0.9675 oz. It is composed of about 90% pure gold. Their historical significance makes them all the more desirable. These were reportedly the most coveted gold coins during the times of the Industrial Revolution of the 19th and 20th century United States. In fact, they are often considered to be the most valuable gold coins ever sold. The official minting of this coin took place in three different mints located in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Denver.

American Eagle Gold Bullion: This coin is the official gold bullion of the United States and was formally released by the state authorities in 1986. The variations available for you to choose from would include 1/10th, 1/4th, ½ and 1 OZ. It is made from about 90% gold or 22 karat. When you buy these American Eagle Coins, you can be completely assured of its quality via weight and purity certification by the United States Congress as well as the Treasury Department of America.

The above features of the US minted coins make them more liquid and therefore attractive for investors and collectors of U.S. mint gold coins.