There are quite a few varieties of foreign Gold Coins and U.S. gold coins available in the market today. However we feel that the best gold coins anyone can own are the $20 Liberty and the $20 Saint Gaudens. These coins are among the most affordable and readily available in the market place today. Therefore they are easy to track and are highly liquid. They also have advantages over bullion which you can read about on the rare gold coins page.

More On Each Individual Gold Coin

  1. Liberty $20 Gold Coin
  2. St. Gaudens $20 Gold Coin
  3. Eight Piece Gold Set
  4. American Eagle Gold Bullion


The following coins are not to scale:

Rare Gold Coins

$20, $10, $5, $2.5 Liberty
$20 Saint Gaudens
$10, $5, $2.5 Indian Head


Foreign Gold Products

Gold Swiss Franc
British Sovereign
French Franc
SwissGoldFrncObvSm BritGoldSovObvSm FrenchGoldFrncObvSm


Popular Bullion Products

American Eagle
Canadian Maple Leaf
South African Krugerand
AmGldEgleSm CanGoldMapleSm SoAfKrugSm


Popular Silver Products

American Eagle
Morgan Dollar
Peace Dollar
AmEagleSilverObvSm MorganObvSm PeaceObvSm

These are some examples of a few of the types of coins that we offer. We are a full buy/sell precious metals broker/dealer. We deal in gold, silver, platinum, bullion and numismatic/rare gold coins.