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True or False: Is the United States likely to make efforts to return to the gold standard?

Live Q&A Jul 19, 2023

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Question 1: 0:41
Do you think higher inflation/ hyperinflation will come eventually?

Question 2: 2:20
In a CBDC environment how do you see the price of Silver and Gold being manipulated? Especially when you may not be able to buy Silver or Gold.

Question 3: 4:38
To build trust the trade currency will be fully redeemable in gold. Each country will have inflows and outflows. Backing a countries currency with gold is different. My prediction is the dollar is wound deeply into the world monetary system and BRICS are diverse, not likely to get along for an extended period. The world is going to try to erase its massive debts quickly.

Question 4: 6:47
Why could they not just introduce a long dated gold backed bond that pays interest ? Gold rises in price and all is good – Gives trust to the debt and pays interest

Question 5: 8:20
Is the SDR back by anything?

Question 6: 9:25
How can you be sure the banks will always buy your gold?

Question 7: 12:04
Is the US going to try to go back to the good standard with dollar ?

Question 8: 12:54
If gold is called in by the Government, what happens to the gold dealers gold and could I ever buy or sell gold to a dealer after that.

Question 9: 17:30
What percentage of ones total assets should be gold?

Question 10: 17:30
Good to add copper bullion/generic coins to our stacks?

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