According to a recent news report by (June 20, 2012), the up trending of US Gold and platinum coins’ prices will continue. The price of US Gold Mint coins may rise further if the prices of its constituent metals don’t drop soon. The coins that will most likely be affected include the First Spouse Gold coins, American Gold Buffalo coins, Star Spangled Banner Commemorative Gold coin and the American Gold Eagle coins. The average price of gold and platinum is evaluated by US Mint on a weekly basis as per the London Fix. As per the London Fix the current US Mint Gold coin price is supposed to fluctuate between the range of $1,550.00 and $1,599.99 an ounce. This article talks about the various US Gold Mint coin types in further detail.

The Different Types of US Gold Mint Coins:

With several mint facilities available across the whole United States, the US Gold Mint offers quite a few types of gold coins. Let us take a look at the different types of gold coins minted by the US mint.

•    The First Spouse Gold Coins
Issued in conjunction with the nation’s Presidential $1 Gold Coins, the First Spouse Gold Coin is an honoring scheme launched by the US Gold Mint. These half ounce $10 gold coins feature the portraits of the nation’s First Spouses in order of their terms. Each of these gold coins features unique designs, usually signifying the First Spouse’s life and work. The recently issued 2012 First spouse coins characterize the Suffrage Movement and Alice Paul, Frances Cleveland (the first term), Caroline Harrison and Frances Cleveland (the second term).
•    American Gold Eagle Coins
The American Gold Eagle coin family includes American Eagle Bullion Coins, American Eagle Proof coins and the American Eagle Uncirculated coins. The American Eagle Gold coins bear the image of Augustus Saint Gaudens portraying Liberty (selected in 1986). However, the uncirculated version of these gold coins undergoes a specialized minting procedure and then sealed within a secured plastic capsule.
•    American Gold Buffalo Coins
The production of American Gold Buffalo coins was sanctioned by the Public Law 109-145 under the Presidential $1 Coin Act on December 22, 2005. The coins’ front and reverse sides features images and portraits by the famous sculptor James Earle Fraser. Fraser was once a disciple of Augustus Saint Gaudens.
•    Star Spangled Banner Commemorative Coins
The resolution that officially declared the Star Spangled Banner Commemorative Coins Scheme was signed on August 16, 2010. The coins under this scheme feature the war of 1812, specially the battle of Baltimore. These $5 coins emblemizes “The Battles at Sea during the war of 1812”. The coins’ observe features a scene of naval battle with a backdrop of ruined and fleeing British ships. The other side of the coin depicts the first few words “O say can you see” of the Star Spangled Banner Anthem, with a background of 15 stripes and 15 stars.

The Other Types of US Gold Mint Coins

Apart from the aforementioned schemes of gold coins, many years ago the US Mint created the Liberty series Gold Coins. These are available in 4 different denominations – $20, $10, $5 and $2.5 gold coin sizes. Out of the four, the $20 Liberty Gold Coins are considered among the most beautifully minted coins of US gold.