Egon started Matterhorn Asset Management (MAM) in 1999 as a private investment company for high net worth individuals, pension funds etc. all based on wealth preservation principles.

He is an educator, prolific writer and popular guest on many YouTube channels, like King World News, Greg Hunter Watchdog USA and CWL.

  1. In July 2009 you wrote an article called The Dark Years Are Here. It was reprinted again in September 2018.

In it you said that “the world will experience a series of tumultuous events which will be life changing for most people in the world.” And though the timing was a little off, thanks to central banks money tsunami, you stated that it was “the start of a long period of economic, political and social upheaval that could last for a couple of decades.” This is certainly different than what the stock markets are telling us, but can you please tell us more about the three areas that you say will seal the fate of the world?

  1. People want to know why gold is dropping right now. Of course, that’s just the spot contract market, but what do you see happening in the physical metals markets?
  1. You say “a nightmare scenario is coming. Stop dreaming and start taking action.” Like most out there don’t you think “stimulus” will save the world?
  1. I listened to your second MAM Chat, excellent, thoughtful conversation by the way. You said you changed your mind on a market melt up. Would you say that is where the hyperinflation is now showing up? You also said that this melt up really point to higher precious metals. Can you explain that?
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