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The Best Banks to Safeguard Your Finances? + more questions answered

Live Q&A May 17, 2023

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Question #1: 0:40
With the collapse of another bank and the fact that, whether we like it or not, we still need bank accounts to simplify paying for mortgages, utilities, car loans etc, which banks or what type of banks do you suggest using? Should I use more than one bank? And how much money should I keep in the bank?

Question #2: 5:35
With the Libor scheduled to end by June 30, 2023, will there be an impact on existing home mortgages?

Question #3: 6:37
When the reset happens and the digital dollar takes over, how do we know that the government won’t just set the price of gold at $2000 and silver at $25, much like they set the price when they called in all the gold back in the early 1900’s?

Question #4: 11:39
Could governments introduce CBDCs during a financial crisis by making it the only way to receive stimulus money claiming it is faster and more secure therefore almost everyone would sign-up or else not get funds?

Question #5: 13:09
Are the latest American Eagles and UK Britannia’s and Queens Beasts considered as bullion?

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