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What Does It Cost To Find Out If A Rare Coin Is Real?

There are many ways that you may come across a coin that you want to have authenticated and/or graded. Perhaps you found a loose coin at a garage sale. You may have an unusual coin as a family heirloom. If…

Is There A Nazi Gold Ghost Train?

Recently for gold treasure buffs in general, and the residents of Wroclaw, Poland in particular, there has been exciting gold news! In the world of gold treasure hunting the existence of the mythical ghost train full of Nazi gold is…

Where to Hold Physical Metals and Cash

By: Lynette Zang Many people wonder where and how to hold their metals and cash. First permit me to say, that you must hold them in places you trust and feel comfortable with. Secondly think diversification, in other words, hold…

What Are The Best Gold Coins To Buy?

So, you have been watching the gold market for sometime now, and you decided that you should own gold. Through your initial research, you have discovered that when the television ticker says that gold closed at $1297.50 per ounce today,…

Rare Gold Coin Dealers And Buying Gold Coins Online – Part One

These days, the Internet is becoming a dominant marketplace for many items, and you can now purchase items or services online that just a few years ago you either would not or could not. For instance, take mortgage products. When…

Rare Gold Coin Dealers And Buying Gold Coins Online – Part Two

In part one of this article-blog, we left off looking at how the market for rare gold coins and numismatic gold coins has changed over time. I mentioned that rare gold coins and numismatic gold coins can be a great…

Where Can You Buy Gold Coins? – Part Three

If you are looking to buy rare gold coins online, there are a few things you need to consider, besides just counterfeiters. Such as, will you even receive the gold coins you purchase? Personally, I have never bought rare gold…

Where Can You Buy Gold Coins? – Part Four

In part three of this article-blog, I touched on some of the pitfalls surrounding buying numismatic coins online, and how to protect yourself when you buy rare gold coins online. I also suggested staying away from auction sites that do…

The Best Way To Invest In Gold – Part One

The best way to invest in gold would be to have a crystal ball or some way of divining the future. However, since the majority of people don’t believe in crystal balls, much less know where to get one, the…

The Best Way To Buy Rare Double Eagle Coins – Part One

Like most answers to many questions, the answer becomes more complicated than the question when wondering what is the best way to buy rare Double Eagle gold coins. Think of it this way; If you wanted to buy your best…


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