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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. Brandon H: What are your thoughts on holding onto 92.5% sterling silver flatware?
  2. Janice O: I just heard an analyst on YouTube say that when a covid vaccine becomes available, allowing a return to “normal” activity, work, travel, and thus stimulating the economy, that gold prices will crash. Your Thoughts?
  3. Peter S: What will it take to finally break the back of the paper gold market? What will be the final nail that will end the sale of contracts that are holding down the price of gold?
  4. George K: Do you think the overnight reset will happen before or after implementation of the digital dollar. Should I pay off my variable debt now with my bullion gold or wait for gold to go higher?
  5. Lynne: If the government establishes its own crypto, won’t the government want everyone on their crypto exclusively, thus banning the others?