St. Gaudens: The Most Popular Twenty Dollar Gold Coin

The US Mint issued twenty dollar gold coins from 1850-1933. These coins were meant for circulation and were used to exchange gold, both internationally and in the US banking system. In 1933, the government recalled all the outstanding gold coins with the intention of melting them at the US Mint. A small fraction of these twenty dollar coins survived, resulting in the rarity and, therefore, high demand for these twenty dollar gold coins.

Twenty dollar gold coins are also known as double eagles. They come in two basic types: The Liberty and the Saint Gaudens. The Liberty was made from 1849 to 1907 and features the head of Lady Liberty facing to the left. St. Gaudens feature a standing figure of Lady Liberty on the dated side and a flying eagle on the reverse. Saint Gaudens are large gold coins, over 1 ¼ inches in diameter, containing .9675 troy oz. of gold. Owing to their weight, limited numbers and amazing beauty, these coins are preferred by many gold investors who are looking for a value in their gold portfolio.

History of St. Gaudens Twenty Dollar Gold Coins

In 1905, late US President Theodore Roosevelt pointed out that American coins were not as aesthetically appealing as those minted by some of the nations. He asked renowned sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens to redesign the $10 eagle and $20 double eagle. This was Roosevelt’s way of sending a message to the old world countries about America’s reputation through its currency. The first of these coins designs was detested because of the expensive minting process and un-stackability. Due to this, only 11,250 coins were ever struck, which makes them even more popular.

Rarest St. Gaudens Twenty Dollar Gold Coins

One of the rarest St. Guaden would be the 1907 high relief, as it’s the only twenty dollar gold coin which is printed in roman numerals. Another rare St. Gauden is the 1908 No Motto because it is the only gold coin without the motto “In God We Trust”. Other rare coins are 1920 S, 1927 S, 1927 D.

Why Are St. Gaudens Twenty Dollar Gold Coins So Popular?

The popularity of the St. Gaudens twenty dollar gold coins can be gauged from the fact that an extremely rare 1933 St. Gauden was bought for w whooping $7.5 million in July 2002. Many experts consider the St. Gaudens twenty dollar coins to be the most rare and beautiful coins ever minted. The reasons for which people have started investing in twenty dollar St. Gaudens gold coins are:

• Rarity: St. Gaudens gold coins are high in demand because of their rarity. With only a limited number of these coins in the market, their price has escalated with time. Also because of their illustrious history considering that they were Roosevelt’s dream of making American coins more attractive, they are a must for every collector.
• Offering Beauty and Value: They are made with gold which makes them inherently valuable. Gold prices rose for the 11th consecutive year in 2011. Coins in good condition can be worth thousands of dollars, depending on their age.
• Excellent profit potential: St. Gaudens gold coins exhibit an excellent investment opportunity, especially those minted from 1909-1932. With just a handful of them remaining and with demand that spans across the globe, lucky owners of these coins can hope to get attractive prices for their investments.

The lure of gold coins has captured the imagination of many for centuries. And for a coin enthusiast and buyer, there are few purchases that offer history, beauty and rarity all coupled into one single piece such as a St. Gaudens gold coin.