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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. JW: do you think social security will still be around after the reset?
  2. Chris T: I am starting my 19th year contributing to the Mississippi state pension plan as a teacher. How at risk are state government pensions? We historically have been a solid pension plan.
  3. Laurie: How would you counsel those of us who will need to buy residential property/acreage in the coming year? I’m so nervous about potentially rising interest rates, crazy economic conditions, etc.
  4. Chris H: I recently borrowed money from my 401k and purchased gold coins from ITM. What should I invest the rest of my 401k balance into?
  5. Idaho Doc: just about every nation is printing huge sums of money to bail out their economies. We’ve been told again and again that this money printing will lead to hyper-inflation.  This would mean that all these countries are headed for hyper-inflation.  Has there ever been a time when just about all the nations’ economies simultaneously experienced hyper-inflation?  If so, how did it end?