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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Lian L: I watch a lot of gold and silver dealers talk about physical gold and silver pricing breaking away from the manipulated ETF, how do you see this happening?

Question 2. Chris C: If silver is an industrial metal, then why would it go up during a recession/depression?

Question 3. Scott K: When calculating fundamental value is it correct to use the M2 money supply for a currency reset to a new dollar? In a post-reset world of $54,648 per ounce gold and $3,645 per ounce silver… does that make $15 per ounce silver today a bargain pre-reset?

Question 4. Steve K: if the U.S wants to do Q.E 4 do they need to bring the interest rates back to zero first or can they do it at any interest rate?

Question 5. Martin V: What are some “tricks” that the fed or gov (in general) might pull to further prolong the propped-up economy? Is there a limit?