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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Rob P: if you take a hefty profit from selling real estate, where would you park your profits until it’s time to get back in? Gold? Silver? Too risky to keep in the bank.

Question 2. Brad R: If we ever have a crash, and a correction back to fair value; Do you believe that consequently there will be a bank holiday to prevent a run, and a bail in of a portion of depositor’s funds before the banks reopen? (Sort of like what happened in Cyprus or Greece in the recent years?)

Question 3. Vikki R: What is the breakout price for silver?

Question 4. Steve M: When precious metals are referred to as a store of value and it is predicted that they will return to their true fundamental values, does that mean we should expect that we are protecting the equivalent of today’s fundamental value in the future or today’s fiat in the future adjusted amounts?

Question 5. Music Maker: when the banks drive us to negative rates and “electronic money,” how are we going to use our gold and silver? I assume we will have to convert it into electronic money the same way we would if it were paper fiat.