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Securing Your Wealth With Gold, Silver, Food, Energy & More

Live Q&A Nov 29, 2023

Eric sources questions from Lynette’s viewers and Lynette responds with organic and unrehearsed answers. If you have a question for Lynette and Eric, please either submit your question through YouTubeFacebookTwitter, or email to questions@itmtrading.com. If you enjoyed the Q&A with Lynette Zang, please like, subscribe, and share in order to help Lynette fight the fiat money disease!

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Question 1: 0:55
If a brokerage firm goes bankrupt or experiences a devastating financial storm, are they now legally able to take ownership of their clients’ securities to cover the losses?

Question 2: 3:16
If the government makes private ownership of gold illegal…and the price of gold goes high enough to be ready to exchange it for real estate or to pay off a mortgage, then how are we supposed to transact with it — assuming we’re not into numismatics?

Question 3: 10:23
Is it better to pay off the debts now with the fiat before hyperinflation hits OR hold on and pay the debts with hyperinflated fiat, while reserving the metal for wealth shield?

Question 4: 13:23
I purchased half of my wealth in gold, both pre ’33 and bullion. We also have invested much in food, water, etc. Are there any other investment areas that could be considered? Ones that might be relatively safe or wise for those of us not comfortable to put all monies in metals, such as energy or mining stocks?

Question 5: 18:08
I am 58 1/2 years old and recently rolled over my old employers 401K and pension into a traditional IRA. How do I convert a large portion of that to gold and silver without major penalties or putting it in a gold IRA?

Question 6: 27:30
Thanks to both of you. Should I keep my Credit Union CD of $60K that matures in March ’24 or … ?

Thumbnail Photo We believe that everyone deserves a properly developed strategy for financial safety.

Lynette Zang

Chief Market Analyst, ITM Trading

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