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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. Darko A: My stack is growing a lot and I was wondering if I should start storing it abroad offshore. Its fully segregated and insured and audited. I was thinking offshore because if a country tried to seize gold it wont be affected?
  2. Dillon C: What will keep Central Banks from being able to continue manipulating the spot price of Gold and Silver in the future whether we are on the digital dollar or not. I ask because if one were to buy Gold and or Silver mining stocks and central banks are able to lower the nominal spot price of Gold and Silver, mining stocks could be a bust. What are your thoughts?
  3. Lisa K: Jim Rickards says that one possible solution to the inflation problem is the FED could simply revaluate gold to $5000 an oz. Can you explain what he means?
  4. DocHoliday: Please explain what it means when you say “looping off zeros” as the currency loses value?
  5. Charles O: I buy an ounce of gold today at $2000. If hyperinflation really hits and the price goes to $50,000 and the government resets the currency 1000 to 1, do I still have to declare a profit given the fact that I bought at $2000?