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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. WS: What are your thoughts on the Coronavirus being the Black Swan that shifts us into the Global Recession that EVERYONE becomes privy to?

Question 2. Rick S: I am curious why Lynette keeps promoting fixed rate debt as safe during the reset. In the Weimer period, they reset the mortgages after the rentenmark was introduced. They calculated the original debt into gold then reset the loan into the current gold/rentenmark equivalent.

Question 3. Damion W: My question is, what type of silver is used for barter?

Question 4. Bobbi B: Some people say that the Fed is waiting for the right moment to “pull the plug” on the markets in order to transfer wealth to the elites, implying they have full control.  Others say the Fed is desperately trying to keep the system afloat and wants to avoid a market crash at all costs.  Which do you believe is true?

Question 5. Kris S: how do we know that the reset is closer (apart the liquidity problem in repo market) and what you mean by reset exactly?